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A mechanical arm used to educate children toward the environment.

Our product is the most engaging e.DO plugin to teach kids how to do fair recycling. Kids will be involved in a fun challenge, but at the same time, they will deal with an important topic, global warming.


Team: Lohackers

Team members

Milan Riccardo Peruzzi Uncas Ferrandino Valerio
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Solution description

Our final product it's a plugin which allows elementary school kids to learn how to do fair recycling.

With the addition of a camera and an AI that recognize objects and faces, we have created a smart tool.

This kids' challenge consists of guessing in which trash can they must throw away their rubbish with a very easy interface located on the tablet, based on their reply they will get some points. 

Our mechanical arm will check the user’s choice  and it will throw away the garbage in the correct trash can when the user submits the correct choice. 

In order to not get the children bored, there will be a school leaderboard based on the score that we have previously mentioned.

The success of the solution will be measured by the number of schools that will buy our product.

It will provide benefits by teaching kids to have respect for the environment to reduce pollution. 

Solution context

The main challenge of our team is growing up responsible people using innovative technologies.

We want kids to use technologies not only for worthless things, we think that they can learn and play at the same time.

There is a necessity to teach young people that the future is in their hands and we have found a pleasant way to do it.

Solution target group

Our target group is 6-14 y.o. kids.

Using our approach, the target group can learn about certain patterns of behavior related to the environment avoiding traditional learning methods.

Moreover, the game experience might spark learners’ interest in particular topics related to our planet.

Solution impact

Our solution will have a big impact on elementary schools.

In this regard, we can measure the efficiency of this solution with the learners' feedback. We can redesign and / or adapt the tool accordingly.

Solution tweet text

An eDo plugin for elementary school that could kill two birds with one stone: teach something important to kids and at the same time save the planet.

Solution innovativeness

Our solution is innovative.

It’s hard to find solutions similar to ours, and they are not produced in order to instruct kids.

Solution transferability

Our solution can be used all over the world because it does not depend on the country in which you use it.

Solution sustainability

All is needed is a camera and the eDo with the implementation of an AI.

Our solution will be useful in the coming years as well, with good education kids will be capable of avoiding climate change.

Solution team work

By working in harmony we :

-listened carefully to the mentors' advice

-brainstormed on the main problem

-determine the pros and cons

-develop a final solution

As a team, we have worked very well together. We have thought up a solution, then we have divided the work, so we were able to exploit our time in the best way.


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