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Educatio - beginner friendly platform for getting to know ICT

Integrated solution for FiTech. Improving online learning program by offering help for  beginners. 


Team: Educatio

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Solution description

Integrated solution for FiTech. Improving online learning program by offering help for very beginners. 

 3 basic steps:

1.) Access (Already integrated in Fitech)

2.) Finding a path ( Get to know what courses are about with beginner friendly videos)

3.) Find a mentor / partner (Experienced person who helps)

Solution context

How to make ICT accessible for those who have absolutely no experience in ICT terminology and are afraid or discouraged to search difficult terms on their own. This platform of finding a right path of courses with a help of mentors helps very beginners to get invovled with tech with very easy beginnerfriendly vocabulary and videos.

Solution target group

Beginners with ICT. People who want to try it but have no previous knowledge. For example adult learners or young people who are coming from different fields.

Solution impact

Impact can be measured by collecting data how many did courses succeessfully and how many newcomers joined the courses. If there are lots of new people with "not so typical" background joining and successfully progressing, it means the platform easies way to get involved with tech.

Solution tweet text

A beginner friendly platform to get involved with ICT and get a mentor to guide your path.

Solution innovativeness

This solution has been thought to be connected with already existing FiTech paltform. Our mission was to add more accessible way for newcomers so that they could be encouraged to try techology via offered courses. Key point is to take away the fear of unfamiliar technology and organize course needs based on your wishes and previous education.

Solution transferability

Solution can be made with different platforms. Key idea was to make complex ICT descriptions and courses more accessible for people who lack the knowledge or courage of tech.

Solution sustainability

This solution can be used for various platforms. Our solution can impact other coutries too.

Solution team work

In the team we had various backgrounds in education and nationalities. We had unique perspectives and lot of ideation going on. This team took into consideration different aspects, cultures and people.


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