educational game

educational game

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AR programmed mobile game that animates 3D models from cards

 Understanding what modern archievements are, we realize that it is necessary to modernize teaching methods.


Team: NGO "Goni-eri" / Mind Land

Team members

Natia Lursmanashvili, Ia Pisadze, Keta kristesiashvili, Ilia Tedorashvili

Members roles and background

Natia Lursmanashvili - manager,

Ia Pisadze- presentator,

Keta kristesiashvili - english translator,

Ilia Tedorashvili - 3D models programmer

Contact details; tel:557733098

Solution description

We want to offer teens to replace imaginary characters with real historical ones.Instead of imaginary heroes,historical real persons will be revived:kings,queens,various historical events. Also Georgian literary characters from “Knight in the panther’s skin”,Sulkhan-saba Orbeliani’s “Wisdom from Lies”. stories of hagiographic works will become much easer for children to understand.

Each card will have its own unique QR code that will bring the story to life. Animated 3D modeling characters follow their own story. Each story or character will have their own information story attached.

At the initial stage our desire is to specifically bring to life Sulkhan-Saba-Orbeliani, who is often perceived in children by the analogy of the harry potter witch. Reviving the story of his works will be interesting tales for children. Information about the writer will be attached to the card. We also want to create a youtube video version of each story,to make short video version of each created character or story, which we will post on special youtube channel and wich children will watch with great interest.This will help popularize the program and use it in the aducational field.


Solution context

With help of a historical story, we can bring real heroes to life and bring the events of different eras to life in front of the students. Observing the technological development of the modern world, we see that the next generation is not interested in teaching Georgian literature and history, especially with a methodology that is not interested to them. This game will arise their interest and make the complex program easy to understand. This will help increase the interest in learning, as well as bring Georgian literature and history to the international arena and popularize it in the form of games, as the game will be done in three languages: Georgian, English and Russian.

Solution target group

pupils, teenagers, students are our target groups. the game will make more easy to understand old literature and history for them.

Solution impact

Our idea comes from one of the favorite games of schoolchildren- ARENA TCG, which has become quite popular today with the help of the stores “ori nabiji”. they sell the cards in addition to the bought products of the every client and they can buy them in a discount. 

Besides we'll sell cards at schools as they are convenient for the educational programme.


Solution tweet text

the game will help the teenagers to understand the old literature and history more easy and funny game will increase their interest. at the same time Georgian literature and history will become popular around the world with the translations in English and Russian.

Solution innovativeness

It's innovative as it's the creative method of teaching, there aren't any similar educational game with the story-telling; vitrual characters are replaced by the real historical or literal heros which are interested not only for children but also for the students, it's funny to study with a game. 

Solution transferability

it's not only education, but the game and it's funny to play with the real heros. And on the other hand, it's education with the game which helps everyone to remember the names, dates and events. 

Solution sustainability

Georgian History counts about 30 centuries, and at the same time, we have the unique literature from the 5th century AD, so we have a lot of materials to offer the interested clients; the game will make Georgian history and literature popular around the world; it will be useful tool for teaching better and studying well. 

Solution team work

NGO "Goni-eri" - Mind Land exists since 2015 and we had made different educational projects like: Lego-Logic at schools, audio books at schools, projects writing practical course and other nonformal educational methods; we always did every project with great responsibility and great team and are going to continue in such way. 


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