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Help to educate

Engage students during lectures/classes to participate actively. Teachers recieve feedback about their students attention during the lecture.


Team: Team 01

Team members

Kevin, Jan, Quinten, Thor, Yoram

Members roles and background

We're all Graphical and Digital Media students. We used our skills which we learned at school to reach a solution.

Contact details

Solution description

Our solution is a virtual assistent which uses face recognition to see if students are paying attention to the lecture. Teachers receive realtime notifications to make their lectures more interesting for students. The system will also provide info to improve future lectures.

This solution will enhance digital education by involving students more into lectures. Succes can be measured within the solution itself using the statistics provided, but will also increase the students grades.

Solution context

Students often get bored during lessons. This can go unnoticed by teachers when they are teaching to a large group of students. Students with a lack of attention can also be disturbing to fellow students.

Solution target group

Mainly teachers are the target group for this solution, but students will also benefit from it. Given the feedback the teacher can review his lecture. Using the provided statistics, the way future lessons are given can be altered.

Solution impact

The impact of the solution will be visible in the solution itself. Statistics show a visible representation of the attentioncurve of the students.

Solution tweet text

Do you want to have more interaction with your students? #DigiEduHack

Solution innovativeness

Students will get involved more without having to do any effort.

Solution transferability

The solution can be applied in cases where attention is required.

Solution sustainability

The AI which is used to track faces will be continuously improved. This means that in a long term statistics well be even more accurate.

Solution team work

Working together hasn't been a big problem. Working with fellow students made team work easier. Every student knows the capabilities of his fellow student.

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