Edufy - Choose what you Learn and we will Learn what you Choose

Edufy - Choose what you Learn and we will Learn what you Choose

Our challenge, your solutions

Choose what you Learn and we will Learn what you Choose

ML/AI based system that characterizes the learner and offers individually tailored and varied learning solutions,
enable connection between people, challenges and content in a dynamic environment



Team: Petach Tikva PD Center, ISRAEL

Team members

Vered Amit, Ronit Cohen, Efrat Sofer, Rivka Fucks, Dalit Saharon, Anat Tzur, Michal Abelman, Maayan Noyman Toledano, Shira Levinsky, Adam Ratzon, Jonathan Mendels, Tali Berglas-Shapiro

Members roles and background

The team of pisga center – professional development center for educators in petach tikva Includes:
1. pedagogical instructors who guides the educators from all levels of ages through teaching, learning and evaluation processes.
2. Academic lecturers
3. HR consultant 

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Solution description

Edufy - An accessible, dynamic, customized system that offers professional hybrid learning solutions to educator's challenges in uncertainty and changing times, at a time and place they choose.

Edufy enables connections and partnerships with people and the creation of communities in Israel and around the world.

The system is based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). It characterizes the learner and offers individually tailored and varied learning solutions, it collects data pertaining to the individual learner as well as the culmination of all users of the system, and uses crowd wisdom to offer the learner new learning possibilities. Thus it provides authentic, meaningful and motivating opportunities for professional learning (inspired by "Spotify" concept).

We offer a paradigm shift in the perception of professional learning, based on the inner motivation of every teacher for continuous learning, resulting from professional needs that will ultimately also lead to the achievement of organizational and overall educational goals. We believe that "Bottom up" can lead to "Top down".

Solution context

How to facilitate autonomous, independent Life Long Learning educators, in a constantly changing world?

Solution target group

Our target group are educators in Israel and around the world.

Edufy increases inner motivation for learning, using crowd wisdom recommendation and variety of solutions for flexible learning anytime and anywhere, according to personal needs and authentic problems.

Edufy enables local and global collaboration.

Solution impact

Massive increase in the participation of educators in professional learning processes and measured effects on the quality of teaching and student achievement.

- An increase in the educators’ satisfaction indices of professional learning processes.
- Increased use of the system: more users, more courses, more lecturers.
- An increase in the recommendations of system users – “wisdom of the crowd”.
- An increase in the indices of internal motivation for learning.

- Recognition by the Ministry of Education of a variety of options for accreditation following learning and application.

Solution tweet text

Edufy - Choose what you Learn and we will Learn what you Choose. Hybrid application for personal and collaborative professional learning. ML/AI based system that enable connection between people, challenges and content in a dynamic environment.

Solution innovativeness

Edufy offers an innovative solution for the professional learning processes of educators based on personal needs and stemming from intrinsic motivation. A smart, data-based system that learns and uses the data to adapt learning to the user's needs and enables connections between people, challenges and content.
We do not know of any such solutions on the market. We only know learning in formal and traditional settings.
There is no doubt that Edufy is a groundbreaking offer!

Benefits for the learner

- A personal characterization of needs
- Learning based on an authentic problem
- A variety of solutions for flexible learning anytime and anywhere
- A personal choice of ways to learn
- A personal data based  management of the learning process
- Exposure and discovery of new content domains for the learner
- An opportunity to create local and global collaboration
- Receiving  recommendations based on wisdom of the crowd
- Increasing the inner motivation for learning

Solution transferability

Edufy can also be adapted for teaching students in the entire education system and in formal and informal lifelong learning frameworks.
The adjustment can be made immediately due to the fact that the learning network is built on the basis of system users (teachers or students). The appropriate content must be developed for each population.

Solution sustainability

To advance our solotion we will need to develop an in-cell version of the app, experiment with it through piloting, learn lessons and improve towards overall distribution. We would also like to offer the system to the Ministry of Education and other institutions engaged in professional learning.

We have made a number of contacts with high-tech companies from Petah Tikva who are interested in helping us advance the idea.

Solution team work

Our group was participated by educators from the field and from the academy as well as HR people who teamed up to find a comprehensive and innovative solution to the challenge we chose. All team members are ready to participate in the further development process and are looking forward to meeting again.

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