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We are coming up with a mbile application called EDUGENIC where provide a community platform to the biginners in the IT field. and also we are planing to develo this further more in to the other industries too. This is a user friendly and this help to earn after you learn all at the end.


Team: Team Conio

Team members

Sandun Sameera/Sachie Weerasinghe/Aahan Senevirathne/Deeptha Wikramasingha /Chamal Pramod

Members roles and background

  1. Sandun Sameera (Developer)
  2. Sachie Weerasinghe(Business Analyst)
  3. Deeptha Wikramasingha(Developer)
  4. Ashan Senevirathne(Business Analyst)
  5. Chamal Pramod(Think tank)

Contact details

Solution description

As the freshers to the IT industry this will help to buld u a community with metos to lurn from the begining and complete in the relavent path. so here we allocate a char room to the user and machine learning based AI chat bot. we trained the caht bot to identyfy the users knowledge leval and interseted fields in order to design the interial parts of the application. wich mean if its a beginner the all the informaion inside will fillterd allcoding to the knowledge level

 So here with this it builds a community in the same level and custermize the app according to that. And also here we are provide the users all the learning platforms like stack overflow, Youtube video channels,Git hub accounts and gitter chats too.

In the operational model after we creating the groups of the members with a mentor there is a special feature called task of the week. Which means that weekly task to complete by the users. Here the task and missions are published to the groub of same leval members to with in a week. basically for and example if we are beginner to Flutter the task are provided to the members from A to Z in flutter weekly. So this will help to learn to them to step by step. so the members have to complete it within in a week and submint the screen video and the sourse code url of the Github. So after that the mentor will rate the wookings out of tem. so by that the members will mortivate to dothe work day bay day and thet try more to learn quickly.

If the user id failed to do the work or if they wat to geth their ratings high they have to pay for the sourse code from the mentor. so by that it will help to get more knowlege to the user and gives a income to the metor too. so through the metor the owner of the application will get a commition.

and also after completing all the levels in intermidiate and expert this will prove that to be a commiunity member as a mentor. so by that it gives the chance to earn  the amout he spend or more.

Solution context

As we experinced in our life we are aftraid of startin new things why beacase we dond have and aidea of from where we should stat and what to start with.

And also though we start doing we dont have enough guidence to get it more correct, and also some digital platforms are more complex to undertstand the what the exat solution for and problem or error. so we are came up with edugenc for get rid of these problems. 

 And this is for the students who like to lurn and this will give all the basic to advance.

Solution target group

Our solution targent group ith studets who are freshers to the industry. mostly as we experinced in our life evenour batch mates are affraid of starting lern new technologies. mostly they dont have an understanding to get the from where that they should sart and to wath to start with. and aslo though we start we come up with so many probles and erros and after we search them in online platforms it is more terible because as beginers we don't get the exact solotion to our problem.

And also to the peple who like to lurn in this industry and when they dont have any resourse person but they like to do the self study and lun the new things. this will be a geat oppurtunity to them to start learning and at the end earn through what you learn and help others who like to learn.

Solution impact

this is really very imortat because all can learn from the beginig and get more knoleghe and also this will help to get earnings after learn. 

Solution tweet text

we provide the place to learn to the beginners and at the end we help them to earn through the same point.

Solution innovativeness

  1. In the other platforms like Udacity and W3 schools we have to do exactly what the tutor does.and if we come with a problem we have to go for anotherplatform to get the answer.But in ours we provide all platforms like github, stackoverflow,youtube videos and gitterchar filltered with the task of the week.
  2. After pasing all the levals he can join our community as a mentor and ern what he spent and even more.



Solution transferability

this can be used in any field mostly we developed it to IT industry but also this can be use in management field and also thios will help to do in the medical field as a first aider. so this can be use in any field and this will help too all learners.

Solution sustainability

The app may have a long term sustainability beacuse all the freshers in the industry face many different problems when lerning about the new things. Even when you try to be an expert in a certain technology the app would guide you to achieve it. The app can be expanded to other technologies and industries as feasible.

Solution team work

The team consist of 2 developers and 3 product designers. The idea development, revenue model development and the presentation was done by 3 members while 2 developers build the prototype product. The team work together to achieve the goals and share the ideas to build the final product.

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