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Education+ Multi = EDULTI, the education of 3rd millennium

EDULTI is a web app providing meaningful, retrospective e-learning, where teachers share their best practices, co-work on catching content for online education and inspire each other. Students can use materials from variety of teachers and find the best suitable source for understanding the subject.


Team: 4 – EDULTI

Team members

Denisa Šrámková, Jitka Nevšímalová, Šárka Nevšímalová

Members roles and background

Jitka Nevšímalová - educator, project owner
Denisa Šrámková - project manager
Šárka Nevšímalová - student, UX designer

Contact details

Solution description

Imagine you are a student of high school and absolutely don´t understand what your teacher says about Bernoulli's equation, no matter if you learn online or at school. What can you do if you really want to understand it? Browse the internet, read textbook, ask friend/parent...? It takes time and energy to find the right source for you, right?

What about to have a free account on website, where you can find top rated educational materials created by teachers from all CR and have free choice to use materials / follow teachers that  best suits you?


Are you a teacher? Would you like to share good practice from your experience? Or looking for inspiration about online education/e-learning? By joining EDULTI website you will not be alone and demotivated to teach anymore…

The solution offers high quality materials for any preschool, primary, secondary education in CR.

Solution context

There is no existing central platform gathering educational materials for preschool, primary and secundary education, that makes difference between catching and not catching content for students to help them find the best source for their understanding of the subject. Also, in general, there is a lack of networking opportunities among teachers.


Advantages of solution

  1. Available for all students and teachers for online education in preschool, primary, secondary education
  2. Connect students and teachers no matter they live, allows the opportunity to meet someone who would be hard to reach out in person due to e.g. long distance
  3. Sustainable solution
  4. The principle of solution might be easily transferred to another professional area (project management, healthcare, IT…)
  5. It is retrospective. There is a feedback of students to teachers and teachers to teachers.
  6. The solution might have a positive impact on teachers and students motivation to learn new skills.
  7. The solution allows students quick and easy find the best educational materials that can help them understand the subject. (They are not addicted to only their teacher materials and interpretation).
  8. Teachers can easily do a networking, create co-working groups, inspire each other.
  9. Huge space for expentions (e.g. statistics, notifications, quizzes), new utilities, upgrades…

Disadvantages of solution

  1. Wide range of materials and users.
  2. It takes time to build it up properly.


The possible risks are:

  1. Inactivity, lack of motivation (time) of teachers/students to joint the website
  2. Higher expenditures to build up and sustain such central platform for online education and knowledge sharing
  3. Lack of support of Managing Authority, educational organisations/institutions/associations, IT support
  4. Time needed to build it up
  5. Personal data protection, intellectual property

To eliminate/mitigate risks we could:

  1. Promote, motivate teachers/students to register, share knowledge
  2. Find sponsors (investors), getting subsidy (EU funds, national grants…), crowdfunding, volunteering
  3. Continuously strengthen good relationships with stakeholders
  4. Engage motivated, effective realisation team to shorten time needed for implamantation (agile leadership…)
  5. Legal service

    Does EDULTI have competitors?

    Partially. There are platforms like youtube gathering educational videos,tutorials etc. Also, tehre are enducational institutions, organisations, schools, associations providing e-learning. However, there is no central place for pre-school, primary and secondary online education.

Solution target group

Teachers, educators, students (preschool, primary, secondary ed.), schools, educating organisations/ institutions/ associations

Solution impact

Solution impact:

  • Possible impact on Czech online education
  • Increases the students´ interest in learning subjects
  • Motivates teachers to become better teachers (sharing best practices, coworking)
  • Allows students from all CR to connect with teachers they might never meet in person due to long distance
  • Increases IT literacy both of students and teachers

Indicators of success:
- number of registeres users (students, teachers)
- number of shared educational materials
- quality of materials
- number of updates of materials
- number of given likes
- frequency of connections (networking) among users

Solution tweet text

EDULTI is a web app providing online education, where teachers share their best practices, co-work on catching content and become inspiration to each other. Students can use materials from variety of teachers, so find the best source for better understanding of the subject.

Solution innovativeness

The EDULTI is a unique and innovative, especially in its added value. The solution motivates teachers/educators to do their job even better regardless on their not much motivating salary they usually get. The teachers will get appreciation of their work directly by students and learn new skills from other teachers (best practice sharing).

Students from all parts of Czech republic will have the opportunity to register to and valuate the content by giving or not giving the ,,like“ (Comm.: We do not support dislikes). So, teachers who explain the topic clearly, concisely, in catching way, will be top rated and their content seen on first places on the screen (sorted by popularity). Consequently, the most popular teachers might impact wide range of students, raise their knowledge base and become inspiration for  teachers´ colleagues (positively affect the educational system at all). We recommend, the popular and active teachers should be rewarded by their employers (directors) or Ministry of Education, Youths and Sport.

=> So, on students enjoy online education by learning from materials that best suit them for better understanding the subject. Vice versa teachers enjoy website to share good practice, learn new skills from each other, co-work in creative way and get motivation for their work. They will not be alone or isolated in the class. Each teacher/educator gets the opportunity to  show his/her potential and share bright ideas…

Solution transferability

The solution is simply based on connecting people (demand/supply), co-working and sharing ideas, so it is completaly transferable to any other area where it is important to share best practice on one place (e.g. project management, IT, healthcare, public sector...).

Solution sustainability

When it comes to the implementation, the support of Ministry of Education, Youths and Sport will be highly appreciated and needed (data source, supervisors etc.). In the mid-term, the platform EDULTI should run properly, boast of a wide range of users, provide (pre-approved) links to high quality educational materials. On daily basis create opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking. In the long-term, the EDULTI will be the most widespread search engine for educational materials, teachers/ educators. Students will have a free choice of 1. what teacher will teach them a subject they are worried of, 2. what kind of materials best suit them, 3. what time they want to learn. All in accordance with binding syllabus. I

n times of lockdown, but not only,  the EDULTI could be a perfect place for online education. Also, in future, we can implement statistics about students learning, notifications for students/parents about the lack of aktivity or inactivity, quizzes to check students´ understanding etc.

Solution team work

The team si small and coherent. During the hackathon we collaborated very intensively and always motivated each other. 
We are proud of the great collaboration of our team. We find each other as congenial, professional and hard-working. It would be pleasure to co-work in future. Also, we welcome new members excited for the project as we are.

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