EduMe AR Application

EduMe AR Application

Our challenge, your solutions

AR Based Learning Mobile Application For Students

'EduMe' Mobile app mainly focusing on school students and higher education students, their textbooks have many time type of diagrams and pictures. but in this competitive educational system, they can not get a clear idea about those images for the first time. therefore we introduce 'EduMe'.


Team: Bevy Dev

Team members

Randika Madhushan, Kevin George Dalpathadu, Dilini Prasadi, Hasini Madurangi, Rajendran Pushpamalar

Members roles and background

Team Lead:- Randika Madhushan (Research Interest and Robotics)

Team Members:- Kevin George Dalpatahdu (Robotics and AI)

                            Dilini Prasadi (Development and 3D Model Architecture) 

                            Hasini Madurangi (Development and Presenter)

                            Rajendran Pushpamalar (Development and motivating) 

Contact details

Email:- PhoneNo:-+94763694098

Solution description

To prevent the issues which come with the textbooks. We can use our mobile application using this mobile application, students can get a clear idea about relevant images which contain the textbooks. They can understand that pictures using 3D models, 3D images, videos, and Memorizable mapping.  

Solution context


In the current situation, competitive educational situations students have a limited time period for one subject. Therefore they have not time to pay their attention directly about images or diagrams of textbooks. 


Solution method, 

We introduce a mobile application named as 'EduMe' to get a clear understand and to keep a good memory about images or diagrams which contain in the textbooks. 

Solution target group

Schools students and Higher Education Students 

Solution impact


1. Students can improve their knowledge and memory 

2. Students can self-study by using this application 

3. students can selfly memorize about the mapping diagrams 

4. Students can use the development of digital education effectively. 

How to measure, 

  1. We can do a survey before and after using this application thwn we can get a clear idea about the success of our application.
  2. we can get teacher's and professor's opinions about this app, by using that idea we can measure the success of our project. 

Solution tweet text

'EduMe' is AR based easy learning application for school and higher education students.

Solution innovativeness

We found two similar applications to our 'EduMe' application but 'EduMe' has all the features that found in those similar applications. rther than those features, it has many additional features too. It makes 'EduMe' as a unique mobile application. 

Solution transferability


We can use AR and Mobile. Using these two we can make many different things. one thing is the get 3d models after scanning the real-world objects. not only that we can get a 3D mapping for an indoor room.

Solution sustainability

In our first level of implementation, we have targeted higher education students. We have referred all their textbooks and include all the pictures to our application. As of mid term achievement, we have targeted university students and kids. 

As a long term achievement, we have targeted worldwide market. We planned to implement our application related to every textbook in the world. An also we have the plan to use both AR and VR applications. not only that we are willing to implement holograms too. 

Solution team work

Excellent!, it was an amazing experience. all the team members dedicated and work hard for our success. we have devideed all the activities according to their skills. Therefore it is easy to manage and finish our work on time. 

We could continue to as a team there because all members take care of each other and work hard for success. 

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