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Website that educates people in detailed ways of animal aftercare

In conclusion, by this website, we show our love and care for animals and we truly want them to live a happy life in a loving household.


Team: Ilumen

Members roles and background

We are all high schoolers. Although it was a little hard for us to balance the project and high school work, we still did our best. Davit Mamatsashvili created the model of the website. Nata mosiashvili and the rest of the members worked on the presentation and the speech.

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Solution description

Look around you. There are countless homeless animals wandering in the streets. In order to solve that problem, our group decided to create a website that would help both, the animals and the owners of them. People who decide that they are going to adopt a pet, often do not realize how much work it takes so when they face some problems, they simply try to kick their pet out, which, we all agree, is horrible.

On our website, there will be information about every single domestic animal and the ways to take care of them. Furthermore, animal lovers and new owners of pets will be able to communicate with professional veterinarians in cases of emergency. There will be a map and depending on where you live, it will show you the nearest pet shops around you, which will make everything easier and more comfortable. For accessing such information, you will have to sign up for the website.


Solution context

We are trying to solve homelessness in animals and cruel treatment to them. Our website's goal is to raise awareness about the problems they cause. 

Solution target group

Our solution target group will be those who care for animals and begginer pet owners.

Solution impact

The website will be useful for owners and animals too because it will decrease the number of homeless animals and people will start to pay more attention to this problem. 



Solution tweet text

Have you decided that you want to adopt an animal and you don't know how to handle that? eduPETion will be the right choice for that. Visit our website and get every necessarry information very quickly.

Solution innovativeness

There are many apps in this field, but not a single one of those comes close to the amount of information we have all in one space. What differs us from others is that we give people an opportunity to learn about animals in a very detailed way and communicate with experts.

Solution transferability

This solution can only be applied to anything that associates with animals and helping them.

Solution sustainability

Our website wil be effective in the present and in the future too and we will have the role in a big mission such as the decreasing number of homeless animals. Also the information put on the website about veterinarians and pet shops will give us the opportunity to get an income by advertising them and with the money we recieve, will be sent to pet shelters.

Solution team work

Our team consists of classmates which are very understanding of each other and know how to work as a great team. We believe that we will have more opportunities to work as a group in the future.

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