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Digital platform where every child connects to share knowledge.

EduQuizz is a digital platform for children all around the world to enhance their knowledge together with asking questions and ending up with discussions leading the correct answers which provides effective and efficient intermediary feasible website.


Team: scorpions

Team members

Ishan Avishka ,Nethra Guruge, Imasha Sithmini , Nilma Peiris , Sahan Amarsha

Members roles and background

Ishan Avishka - Team Leader - Programming | UI Designing | Requirement Analysis

Sahan Amarsha - Member 1 - Programming | UI Designing | Buisness Analysis

Nethra Guruge - Member 2 -  Presenter | Marketing | Socail Analysis

Imasha Sithmini - Member 3- Graphic Designing | Requirement Analysis | Management Strategies

Nilma Peiris - Member 4-  Management Strategies | Marketing | Business Analysis

Contact details


Solution description


anyone can sign up for free and after making an account in our website, users can ask for answers for their educational related questions.

once a question is asked, related questions and relavant references will be suggested for user access according to the details provided by the user in sign up process.

questions will be filterd according to the educational level ,age & syllabuses (Cambridge/EDEX/SL) and user's will be able to get relavant answers for the questions according to this sotring.

users will be rated and reviewed by the answers they provided and with good reviews a user can eventually become a moderater and also with bad  reviews user's rating will be reduced.

users can get answers for their question in any preferred format (images,videos,audio).

user's will be able to use their user profiles as a reput


Benifits : 

teacher's will be able to advertise their teaching aids under payments.

students will be suggested with online courses as their intrests and they will e able to engage with online seminars and courses under payments.


Future plans :

we hope to develop our webiste to connect with the industry to fullfil the requirements of job vacancies with the students intrests with relevant job fileds.




Solution context

Though there are so many questionaire websites, a child will be not able to get an answer to a particular question without  speding their time a little and  most of the times students won't be mature enough to filter and sort out the answers from the data that they get from those websites with the knowledge they have on the technology and the relevant filed. 

Solution target group

target group :

anyone can connect with this websites those who want to educate and  those who want to be educated and worldwide childeren will get the benifit out of this website mainly.


affects for :

worldwide children


how will they benifit : 

teachers/elites will be able to maintain a reputation.



Solution impact

It enhances learning experience of students by  providing an online platform and making it’s easier for the students to simplify the educational related problems through getting the particular answers together with the relevant references.

Solution tweet text

"learn,share and build"- The best digital platform for children all around the world to enhance their knowledge together with asking questions and ending up with discussions leading the correct answers.

Solution innovativeness

competitiors : 

Stack overflow, Stack exchange, quora, question2answer, YahooAsk

 uniquness :

flexibility and feasibility 

any user preferred language is applicable

allow duplicate questions as this is made for children but morever moderators will be able to review and mark as duplicate to redirect the user to original questions.

Solution transferability

we haven't decide to develop that much .

Solution sustainability

first we are planning to implement our website within the local base with the help of state schools. 

after developing our database we are hoping to bring this to global access.

Solution team work

we divided the workload into peices and achieved our target with great team spirit. we hope to work as a team and innovate new things  in the future.

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