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Make Chemistry Experminets Safely Online

In our local area chemistry is not popular, because schools do not own proper inventory. Our team came up with Idea about making chemical reactions online. In this pandemic period, online-learning is reality in every-day life, and even itself this program doesn't require owning chemical laboratory.


Team: Kamateli Productions

Team members

Tsotne pavliashvili, Davit Tchelidze, Tornike Dzidzikashvili, Vakhtang Daraselia

Members roles and background

Our team is compiled with 4 friends. we have different abbilities when we are working on projects and this is perfect match, because we have same vission and we can understand each other perfectly.
Team members:
Tsotne Pavliashvili - Game-Developer, Game-Designer
Vakthang Daraselia - Designer, Animator
Davit Tchelidze - Designer
Tornike Dzidzikashvili - Sound engineer, Composer

Contact details

vatodaraselia7@gmail.com ts.pavliashvili@gmail.com thegrootfather@gmail.com tdzidzika11@gmail.com

Solution description

Local schools in Tbilisi doesn't have chemical equipment. for most students chemistry is not associated with making reactions, it is more kind of boring way to learn. so our application will make chemistry more fun and interesting. we made online game where students can make this different kind of experiments without a restrictions. digital education is more important than ever especially in this pandemic period. it will be easiet and fastest way for students to educate and learn about chemistry. that's why we want to implement our game in school program, where students won't just read about chemistry stuff but also see it on their screens. our solution for lack of chemistry laboratories is perfect way, overcome of this problems.

Solution target group

Social target group is mainly High School students, but interface of the game is easy and it can be played by anyone. 

Solution impact

Lack of attention of chemistry is main problem, so impact of our game will make more high-school students interested in this subject: making reactions, learn about periodic system, learn about laboratiories and their inventory and also compete against each other.

Solution tweet text

Solution of lack of interest in chemistry is main problem, so we made an online platform which we can use in school program and in real life where students can make chemical reactions without equipment or chemical laboratory.

Solution innovativeness

Everybody is talking about how fun chemistry is but lack of equipment in schools makes it more boring each year. less students are interested in it. our game will be online platformer which make it easier for students to see clearly about chemical reactions. of course we have competitors but, that kind of aplications have idle kind of gameplay, where there you only need to click on button and reaction going by itself. in our game students will see clearly about what product are they working with and if they do it wrong it might make different kind of substance. like that childrens will memorise about reactions easily. and interest will grow. also in pandemic period for some students it is risky to visit chemical laboratories so it is more safe and easy solution too.

Solution transferability

our solution is not for just pandemic period. of course it is great way to learn from home about chemistry, but also in school every-day life it will be much more fun and interesting way. teachers can make groups and make game more comptetive, they also can do exams. so it can be used in lot of situations.

Solution sustainability

Our team's goal is to implement our project in school's learning program. game has 2 modes, for exams and for basic learning. it will make learning more interesting and fun so our project will grow by time.

Solution team work

We are friends so we can understand each of perfectly. we have different strenghts, we know different working programs and we have different advantages but our understanding and vision of things are same, so we will work together for long term.

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