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Our solution wants to infuse some key aspects of personal financing. One of the main concepts we are trying to share is that no matters which is your identity nor your assets, making the right choices is a process that descend from the balance of experience and knowledge.


Team: EuroVersitari

Team members

Martina Prando, Davide Carlomagno

Members roles and background

Martina Prando

I am an economics student with a particular interest in social issues. These two aspects in particular made me realize how many people are still not interested and especially not educated in the financial field, especially the younger ones.
In this project I saw myself participating in the development of the solution.


Davide Carlomagno

a computer scientist with a passion for finance. I have always nurtured my curiosity for the financial economic world by informing myself and reading various books including "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. These two productions in particular deserve to be mentioned because they have been a great source of inspiration for this solution.
In this project I was involved in the concept and design phase.

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Solution description

Our idea consists in offering teenagers a new and fun way to learn key concepts of financial issues and opportunity by means of a board game. 

We want especially young people to be aware of financial instruments, opportunities, stock market, loans, how to balance risks and much more. Financial education is something that is not taught in Italian schools yet and so most of the times students end high school without knowing how to manage their money. We want this mechanism to end by introducing a new way to talk and learn about these topics inside schools. The project success has the potential to have direct impact on our society at large because educated teenagers of today are the ones who will build our future society. For those reasons is very difficult to choose a way to measure the impact of our project. 

Solution context

We believe the lack of financial education in schools to be a serious social problem: nobody teaches to students how it is possible to manage their own money in a profitable way and for that reason investments and risk/gain balance are concepts restricted to only people who choose to study those specific topics in university. The critical point is trying to deconstruct common and antiquated mental schemes and to awake people to the possibility they have to reach financial independence. 

One of the operative problems is to channel all of our ideas and concepts within the board game making it interesting, fun and educational. Another problem is to figure out how players could interact with each other. Lastly, we need a graphic designer to create an appealing board.

Solution target group

+14 youngster and everyone who desire to challenge him/her self with economics in a fun way.

Solution impact

We can imagine the impact of our idea on large scale. Schools (high schools in particular) could be our first target buyer. We eventually hope finance education to be a brand-new subject. 

Solution tweet text

Challenge yourself and see if you really know abt finance as you say you do. Let’s see if you can manage your cash flow and profit the most ! #EuroVerse ???

Solution innovativeness

On the market you can't find anything similar to this game board, thanks to its original layout and approach, EuroVerse is the only one of its kind.
Some might think that EuroVerse is a copy along the lines of Monopoly, but Monopoly doesn't aim to teach its players the abc of finance, which our solution does.

Solution transferability

We think high school are a good launch pad for our game. Hypothetically in Italy could be interesting to introduce this game in a specific Italian program (alternanza scuola-lavoro). Moreover, we think the project could be submitted to different institutions like Feduf and Consob during the month of financial education (October).

Solution sustainability

The time needed to accomplish the game is about 2 months (printing and manufacturing phases are almost instant). We will need much more time to find the right partners who will help us to contact high schools and professionals.

Solution team work

We think we did a good team job, working together was quite easy and we will keep going on with the development of the project.

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