EVAluate your preparation on specific exams with EVA (Exams Virtual Assessment)!

EVAluate your preparation on specific exams with EVA (Exams Virtual Assessment)!

Our challenge, your solutions

EVA bot evaluates your preparation on specific exams

EVAluate your preparation on specific exams with EVA (Exams Virtual Assessment)!

The high-tech bot to help students prepare for their studies for university exams.


Team: TeachCorner4EVA team

Team members

Simone Bresciani, Michele Rosica, Edoardo Pelosini, Ludovica Piro

Members roles and background

Simone Bresciani - CEO & co-founder  TeachCorner

Engineer and founder of Teach Corner s.r.l.


Edoardo Pelosini - CTO, developer & co-founder TeachCorner

Michele Rosica - Full stack developer & co-founder  TeachCorner

Michele Rosica is a Senior Technology Architect with over 10 years of experience in the IT / Automotive field with particular attention to the world of microservices and Cloud architectures.

He worked with many industry Clients such as: Fiat Group, CNHi, IVECO, General Motors. Michele holds a MS Degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Engineering.

Ludovica Piro - collaborator @TeachCorner

Politecnico of Milan student in the course of interaction design


Edoardo Pelosini currently holds the role of CTO for the startup Teach Corner, of which he is the co-founder.

He gained experience as a back-end developer for a digital agency, working as a project intern.

He also obtained a certificate as an open source Application Consultant and worked as a freelancer for several years in the IT field. 


Contact details

www.teachcorner.com simone@teachcorner.com edoardo@teachcorner.com michele@teachcorner.com ludovica@teachcorner.com

Solution description

EVA is a chatbot/voicebot that can evaluate the preparation for specific exams and aid students in their individual study sessions.

The first obvious advantage in enhancing digital education is clearly for the student who has a tool as an support to his/her training, this could reduce dispersion in the period of self-assessment of their preparation. However, there are also advantages for the university itself, which can use EVA as a tool to assist students in studying and this can certainly lead to the reduction of university dropouts and the reduction of the delay in obtaining a degree.

Thanks to the expertise and experience in education on the university market, (that come from the work on the TeachCorner platform) we are a team capable of identifying the problems of our stakeholders and therefore capable of finding effective solutions.

The relevance is also suggested by the fact that here in Italy there are no other effective alternatives, at the moment.

We believe that our solution can be beneficial for digital education in general, as well as capable of gaining relevant profits if commercialized.

Solution context

The main problems are: the difficulties that students face in their individual study sessions, to be sure they are prepared for a given exam, the difficulties that universities sometimes have to properly aid students in their self-assessment and preparation and, finally the university drop-out, also derived from the two previous and other problems, which in this period of covid is becoming ever wider as distancing and isolation can do a lot of damage to study and review sessions.

Our solution mainly aims to solve these problems and sets itself on the challenge of enhancing digital education, and fighting the university dropout as much as it can.

Solution target group

The target group of our solution are university students mainly, but this is a tool that universities could also be interested in.

Solution impact

The social impact that our solution can offer is directly linked to university dropout and the degree of confidence with which students can present themselves to specific exams.

An aid to exams preparation is very useful as a tool for individual study sessions.

The relevance that can be obtained in reducing the university dropout rate is not easy to calculate, because it depends on many competing factors that are difficult to analyze, however, the degree of satisfaction with the use of the bot and the improvement in the performance of the students facing an exam is very simple to calculate within a community. 

Solution tweet text

EVAluate your preparation on specific exams with EVA (Exams Virtual Assessment)! The high-tech bot to help students prepare for their studies for university exams.

Solution innovativeness

We already established how problematic could be an individual study session.

Ad hoc solutions, created for university students, are not really present in the market, right now, as there are no strong realities that are inserted in the market or can be taken as a reference, also only some universities provide useful questions for the preparation of a specific exam.

So it is very difficult to find direct competitors, especially here in Italy, this is because at the moment the market does not offer many solutions for individual study, surely there are many platforms, including online, to aid in the study and preparation of exams, but currently there is a lack of scalable solutions that can be directly inserted into students' individual study sessions.

The solution we propose benefits from human-machine interaction that makes it certainly scalable thanks to machine-learning algorithms, as well as difficult to replicate without an adequate community and a good database source.

Solution transferability

Our solution is surely and easily transferable to other contexts, even not necessarily part of digital education, for example, the solution can be extended from university exams to the preparation for entrance school tests, thus assuming a reference target perhaps for a lower education level than university, as it can also be applied in the labour market, where it could aid the self-assessment in the preparation or even evaluate the technical know-how, for example, for a job interview and, with some technical advancements, can also check the exposition level by measuring the tone of voice or the confidence in the exposure, for example.

Solution sustainability

The service can be marketed within the university community, attracting the interest of the universities themselves in adopting the solution. The marketing can be done initially in our network: via web platform, and via mobile application. By taking advantage of our collaborations with student associations and universities, we will also be able to benefit from obtaining visibility at low marketing costs. Universities in a period like this could be even more inclined to offer students an aid in individual study such as ours.


The feasibility of the project implies a good community and a good structure at database level, a structure that we can satisfy thanks to the data collection that our platform does and has done during the years in which it is active and thanks to the information that a user base, capable of teaching at university level, in addition to exam preparation courses, can provide.

We have the necessary know-how in our development team to make it scalable, the demo prototype provides some examples with close-ended questions, but with little effort we can expand it to semi-open-ended question, like sentences to complete, and we believe it is also scalable, in the long term and with the help of the right machine learning technology to a fully open-ended questions assessment.

Solution team work

We already worked as a team in the past, since all four of us come from the development of the same project: an online platform called TeachCorner.

Having therefore a previous experience, we had a great time collaborating for this project. We think that we are a complete and close-knit team so, not only would we be willing to work together in the future but, that's what we hope for.

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