Fancy Fencing

Fancy Fencing

Our challenge, your solutions

Fencing parry simulator

We would like to utilise the robotic arm “e.DO” as a simulator for fencing parries


Team: e-makers

Team members

Maria Carla Fiorella, Emanuele Forlivesi, Francesca Pedico

Members roles and background

e-makers is an association made up of six members (but here, in DigiEduHack only three of them took part). 

The aim is to spread digital education to everybody thanks to courses, projects or events.

Francesca Pedico is the President, she deals with communications always looking for good relationship and opportunities for the association. She is the mind of "e-makers"

Emanuele Forlivesi is a journalist who writes some articles on e-makers blog about new technologies and how they affect our lifestyle.

Maria Carla Fiorella is the younger member of "e-makers" but she is the arm of it. She loves hi-tech and stars. She wants to become an astrounat but she is still working for it!

Contact details

Web Site: ; e-mail: ; Instagram: emakersaps ; Facebook: E-makers

Solution description

The concept is to introduce a significant technological innovation into a classic sport, such as fencing.

The e.Do robot simulates the arm of the fencer, whilst its grippers simulate the weapon (foil, sabre or epee).

The goal is to reproduce the four main fencing parries so that anyone can emulate these positions and train against the robot.

This solution supports both sport and technology, the educational purpose proves to be particularly effective: the children first learn the basics of block-based programming, and then experience it on the e.Do robot through the Blockly software.  

The ultimate aim of the child is therefore to make the e.DO robot move like a real fencer and to learn one of the basics of fencing.


Solution context

Our goal is to implement human behaviour into a machine


Solution target group

The project meets the needs of everyone: from the first encounter of a child to the training of a professional. Furthermore, we would like to highlight that it could also be an excellent learning solution for children with disabilities.

Solution impact

Improves the training sessions and their quality.


Solution tweet text

Can a robot arm be a good fencing teacher? Fancy Fencing promises to win gold at the next Olympics

Solution innovativeness

There is currently nothing similar on the market. 

We targeted a solution that is as original as possible. 

Fencing is a sport that has been around for many centuries, the time has come to give it a makeover.

Solution transferability

It can be applied to any type of sport. For example, we can insert a baseball ball into its grippers and make the robot throw a spinning shot ...

We can give it a tennis raquet and make it respond to its opponent's shots ...

We could teach it a volleyball bagher or make it do a perfect wall!

The applications in the sports field are endless.

Solution sustainability

By adding motion sensors we could simulate a real bout.

Think how nice it would be to see e.DO robots challenging each other with an epee, foil or sabre.


Solution team work

Ours is a really close-knit team. Each of us brings out the best from the others and together we often reach goals that alone would be impossible.

For us e-makers is a family, our mission is to digitize every aspect of our daily life, making man a digital animal.

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