FAQUS - from us to all

FAQUS - from us to all

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Science made available for all

During courses students create content on a website to promote science and lifelong learning.


Team: Aivoviemäri

Team members

Hanna Mikkonen, Onni Nyman, Tomi Mäkelä

Members roles and background

Hanna Mikkonen, student of Food economics

Onni Nyman, student of Food sciences

Tomi Mäkelä, masters student of Animal sciences, Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural industries, Innovator, Farmer

Contact details

Solution description

The final product is an interactive website containing course material from food sector and abstracts of research reports in Finnish, links to original reports included. The content would be produced by students as a part of the courses. Professors would guide and supervise the activity. This method would keep the content of the website up to date and utilize the whole scientific and university' community to promote science. It would also help University to meet its law given tasks. 

The website would promote lifelong learning and improve interaction inside the food sector by making knowledge from all fields easily accessible for all.

Solution context

It is difficult to find scientific and accurate information and update your knowledge. The gap between science and practice is too big. Disinformation is a common problem, especially in the social media. University fails to distribute scientific information outside of its own society. Study materials can't be applied to promote lifelong learning in their current form.

Solution target group

People working and participating in food sector and other interested parties are the target group. This would also affect professors and students by altering the course structures and involving them better in science distribution. The target group will get better access to scientific information.

Solution impact

Easy to access content and its creation reaches many people from all paths of life. This promotes interactiveness and lifelong-learning helping the industry to develop more modern. This increases the producitivity of farming and brings awareness to issues of enviroment. 

Solution tweet text

An interactive website to promote lifelong learning and up to date scientific knowledge on the food sector.

Solution innovativeness

There isn't a website like this. Our website provides a place for interaction and communication and reliable information all at the same time. Most novel thing about our idea is the way of creating the content including the whole scientific community from top to bottom. Our method is cost-efficent and it helps the university reach its legal obligations. 

Solution transferability

This solution can be apllied in other fields of industry as well. It is only a matter of will to cooperate.

Solution sustainability

The implementation could be quite rapid. In our estimations the site could be fully functioning in three years since in that time all courses have been held and thus the core content would have been gathered. In long term the functions of the site could be added. Online exams, platform for researchers to contact with e.g. farms if needed in gathering data for researches.

Solution team work

Our team benefit greatly from our different backgrounds and study fields. The atmosphere was relaxed and tolerant for team members various ways to innovate. We could work as a team in the future.

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