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A place to spread and contaminate ideas

FarmLab spreads and contaminates ideas: join us to be part of a network made of students passionate in environmental issues

and their solutions, to grow up yourself and your visions.


Team: FarmLab

Team members

Arrigoni Egon - Bandoli Lessa Arthur - Sergio Chiara - Tavafchian Nazanin - Zuanni Federico

Members roles and background

Sergio Chiara - Service designer

Tavafchian Nazanin & Arrigoni Egon - Content managers

Bandoli Lessa Arthur - Project manager

Zuanni Federico - Graphic designer

Contact details

Solution description

The co-working space will be a shared room in Povo, called “FabLab”, 

where the FarmLab’s groups will be able to work on their projects and where the main events will take place.


“FarmLab” will be a platform and a series of events for students 

with a special interest in environmental problems, it will be based in FabLab in Povo.

Solution context

Lack of a network for students with different backgrounds. 

Consider a student who is studying a specialized degree and has an amazing idea but no team. To develop the idea, a multidisciplinary team is needed, but he/she may not know any other students with other specialization to work with.


Absence of places where multidisciplinary teams can work and develop innovative products.

The other problem is for teams which are keen to develop their ideas, but they don’t have any places in which they can work on their innovative project.

Solution target group

University of Trento (Italy) students

We are providing this opportunity for Trento University’s students who would like to find people to work with or have already a team and want to create something together in an innovative place.

Solution impact

We forecast FarmLab to boost the number of sustainability projects and, with it, the number of successful partnerships between students and NGO's, public institutions or companies. In addition to this, FarmLab will provide a chance for students to learn and practice both soft and hard skills.

Solution tweet text

FarmLab spreads and contaminates ideas: join us to be part of a network made of students passionate in environmental issues and their solutions, to grow up yourself and your visions.

Solution innovativeness

FarmLab is based on a multidisciplinary approach. Students with different backgrounds and points of view are asked to join the same team and find a practice solution to environmental issues.

Solution transferability

FarmLab is a concept that can be easily applied in almost every University around the world. It can land even on universal environments, moreover it can be used as a model to work on other topics.

Solution sustainability

FarmLab will be based on volunteers. The platform and the working space can be created and administrated by students and professors that are involved in this project. The financial needs for the entities will be covered by the University of Trento.

Solution team work

We will definitively work together also after this DigiEduHack. Even if this is our first experience as a working team on the same project, and even if we have very different backgrounds, we found out that we can work perfectly as a great team. We have discovered that weaknesses can easily be overcome and filled by the union of our strengths, creating a nice working atmosphere within the group.

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