FOE - An app and Steamlined System for change

FOE - An app and Steamlined System for change

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FOE - An app and Steamlined System for change

FOE is the Future of Education and is a student designed product which will ensure students are at the centre of all things teaching, learning and extra-curricular in the school.  As well as providing the technology for maximising teaching and learning potential it provides a framework for success.


Team: DigiLaochra GCC

Members roles and background

Seán Holt - training and upskilling

Clodagh Níí Bhraonáin - training and upskilling

Grace Ní Bhraonáin - layout and design

Oisín O Treasaigh - layout and design

Rachel Táth - App layout and design

Ella Nic Mhathúna - wellbeing and self reflection

Rhian Ní Bhiorna - wellbeing and self reflection 

Orlagh Ni Riain - wellbeing an dself reflection

Feargal Máirtín - facilitator

Contact details

We can all be contacted through

Solution description

At its most basic FOE is an application which provides a hub for teaching and learning but at its most advanced it is a lifestyle choice for a school.  We would like to highlight several of the most important functions of the app.  It ensures happpy, healthy students are at the centre of everything that happpens in their school.


School Community Wellbeing

The wellbeing of students and staff members in any school are essential.  FOE will emphasise positive wellbeing mental and physically by methods such as providing digital self-checks for health and wellbeing, screening for mental and physical health.  We will ensuure the mental and physical wellbeing are looked after as best as possible by combining data on subjects, workload, exercise classes taken,

Cross-curricular, cross student and cross-teacher project management

Our timetabling and project management facility ensures students are never overloaded with work or left with periods of little or no work.  Our algorithm suggests times for teachers to set work based on the students in the class and also suggests opportunites for cross-curricular projects based on topics being covered in other subjects by other teachers. 

Integrated Assignment and Assessment 

A wide veriety of formats of work can be assigned to students in our assignmnets and assessments section.  Each assignment will include a space for discussing ideas, sharing information as well as agreeing success criteria between students and teachers befoe displaying them clearly and in an easily accessible way.  Teachers will be able to assess the work within the app and provide feedback in various forms including written, oral, video and feedback to the success criteria.

Technology Support & Inspiration

There is a framework for providing professional development opportunities for teachers and upskilling projects for students, teachers and parents.  This will include a section for hosting joint learning conferences, a learning portal as well as a joint student and teacher led mentoring and best practice programme.  This technology support framework will be essential not only to ensure all in the school comunity can use the basic functions of technology required for 21st Century teaching aand learning but also to ensure that any school using our system and student within that school is at the forefront of this constantly developing area of education.  FOE will allow a school to thriive rather than just to survive.


Teaching and Learning Metacognition

There is a huge variety of teaching and learning strategies which can be effective depending on the subjec or the topic being delivered.  To ensure teachers and students reap the rewards our teacching and learning sectioon will allow for sharing of ideas, collaboration between all groups in the school commuunity as well as templates and supports to allow teachers and students to develop and hone their skills as they work.  For example our project based learning programme has is already in development and includes possible roles, the responsiibilities within those roles, methods for facilitating discussion, promoting leadership as well as self and group reflection.

Solution context

Our solution came out of a discussion mainly based around the blended learning and distance learning that occurred over lockdown in Ireland.  We felt that the levels of communication between teachers could have been better which would have avoided the situation that occurred whereby students had a huge workload as important assignments arrived in several subjects at once.  Another issue was that teachers assigned work at varying times, sometimes late at night, at weekends or extremely early in the morning, a situatiion which is not at all conducive to positive health and wellbeing of the students (or teachers).  We feel that the online and blended teaching and learning systems used in our school are good in ways, however they lack systems to regulate workflow and to ensure notifications are not received outside of work hours.  We also found that, as students, we were not able to carry out some of the tasks assigned by teachers as we did not have the experience in the neccessary digital skills to do so.  Inn the same vein the teachers were sometimes lacking the required skills to teach effectively by distance learning. With this in mind additional support for teachers and students in the technologies and how to use them is essential.

Solution target group

Our target groups are secondary school patrons, school leaders as well as  students, teachers and parents/guardians in secondaryy schools.

Solution impact

FOE will bring together many of the good ideas (discussed above) which are already implemented in secondary schools under one umbrella.  FOE will lead to improved teaching and learning as well as improved health and wellbeing of students and teachers.  It will also allow the further integration of 21st Century teaching and learning into the subjects which form the traditional curriculum.  We do not foresee that the adoption of FOE will be problematic as the app is designed to be user friendly and schools, students, teachers and parents already have experience of numerous technology in education apps.

Solution tweet text

#FOE - the future of education is now. Bring traditional teaching and learning to the 21st Century by combining traditional subjects with mental and physical health and wellbeing cutting edge educational technology and educational methodologies #education #maximiseyourpotential

Solution innovativeness

FOE carries out many of the same functions as Office 365 for Education and G Suite for education.  We believe that we do everything that they do as well as them and in some cases better.  What makes us different is that we also incorporate workflow monitoring, facilitate cross-curricular projects work, provide a framework for development of students and teachers skills and methods for teaching and learning and also use an innovative approach to maximising the chance of teachers and students in our school communities being happy and healthy both mentally and physically.

Solution transferability

FOE is easily transferable between school, languages, countries and continents.  All that is required is a digital framework and an internet connection.

Solution sustainability

In terms of environmental sustainability FOE's impact will be minimal.  The app provides the functionality to allow teachers and students to become almost paper and waste free.  As a product FOE is designed for the modern school and we are adaptable and williing to change as time goes on.  We will not be found wanting and will move with the times by adding to the functionality within our app.  By constant collaboration with our partners we will be able toengage in meaningful discussion, collect feedback and act on that feedback.

Solution team work

Our team worked extremely well for the week as they worked towards designing this project.  They were inittially functioning as two teams where leadership was shared between them.  The teams then amalgamated and had a long discussion based on all research carried out, they identified shared goals and ideas and developed some improvements based on that discuussion.  They worked as a democratic team where all students were assigned a role based on their expertise and interests.  With minimal consultaion from a teacher/mentor they brought together FOE as a project. 

Their teamwork ability is reflected in the design of the app itself and ideas such as the team-work template, team roles and responsibilities of people holding each of the roles came, in part, from their work this week.  This team-work is one of the methodologies for which training is provided within the FOE app.

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