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We are glad to introduce you to our digital platform: FOODucate!

Within the platform it is possible to visualize educational material (such as videos, articles and tips) concerning virtuous sustainable and circular practices. FOODucate funny part: you can also test your “circular” skills through quizzes and games, achieving useful rewards!


Team: From The Bottom To The Top

Team members

Andrea Crosino, Valentina Burdisso, Serafino Pinna Vodret, Matilde Aiello, Arianna Zatti

Members roles and background

AC - Graduated in Plant Biotech at the University of Torino, is now a PhD student in Biological Sciences and Applied Biotechnology from Turin University. Familiar with the circular economy concept, in particular in the field of biological waste/reuse.

VB - Studying business administration at the University of Turin, currently working as an intern in the department of Management. 

MA - Studying business administration at the University of Turin, currently working as an intern in the department of Management.  

SPV - Graduated in business administration at John Cabot University, currently enrolled in the Master in International Food and Beverage Management at ESCP in Turin. Passionate about food and sports. 

AZ - Studying Strategical Sciences at the University of Turin, currently doing an internship at an agency which fights poverty through innovative education and sustainable local initiatives. Passionate about sustainability and  international cooperation for social justice. 

Contact details

Solution description

Our final product is FOODucate!, an innovative app which proposes quizzes and games to increase Circular Economy (CE) awareness in the world of education and in citizenship. The awareness of the CE potential has to be highlighted from the educational and academic world.

The app will be shown and sponsored by educators during classes and activities.

In the app it is possible to find educational material, quizzes and games focused on circular economy practices with a level of  details based on the user’s age. The quizzes and games are used to obtain discounts or 'coupons' that can be used in some virtuous food retailers and restaurants participating in the initiative. These virtuous retailers and restaurants contribute to promote awareness of the potential of the CE by paying a commission to our platform in order to get their business advertised, according to the level of circularity they are implementing in their practice.

With this innovative solution we aim to deliver important values, such as qualitative and interactive education on the practical impact of the actual food supply chain vs the benefits of the circular food supply chain. Each week/month the final user receives a notification which lets them know how much CO2 was saved thanks to his/her responsible conduct.

The success of the solution could be simply measured evaluating the number of FOODucate!’s downloads.

Solution context

It is estimated that by 2050, there will be approximately 9 billion people living on Earth, with almost 70% of them projected to live in urban areas. This increase in the global population is projected to require three times more resources than we currently use. This is problematic since around 80% of all materials are directly discarded after usage, thus highlighting the need for a circular alternative to the linear “take, make, and dispose” model of production. However, only 8,6% of the world can be currently defined as circular. Our solution fits perfectly in this context, enhancing the awareness concerning sustainability and the link between food waste and climate change.

Solution target group

Local Institutions who want to reach sustainability and Private Citizens who want to know more about it but don’t have the time/will to research these themes themselves.

Solution impact

We aim to educate on food waste and circular economy in order to reach SDGs 9 and 11 to 13 (industry innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action) and reduce expense for waste disposal. It is estimated that reaching a sustainable food supply system would reduce global CO2 emissions by at least ⅓.

Solution tweet text

Circularity Has Never Be So Fun!

Solution innovativeness

1) Qualitative and interactive education platform which incentives users to test their knowledge with quizzes and games, assigning scores according to which the user gets a discount when he/she buys a product from the virtuous retailers/restaurateurs

2) Widespread diffusion from the bottom to the top: we aim to spread awareness and sensibilization starting from the very families which compose societies in order to:

-          Help those virtuous retailers/restaurateurs who already work with the circular philosophy; 

-          Create a trend which will encourage new actors to join the circular movement: the more sustainable their practice is, the more they will get advertised on our platform

Solution transferability

Thanks to its versatility, our solution is suitable to be applied in all those fields aimed to spread knowledge and awareness about different topics in that part of the population which normally is less interested in such arguments or has to be strongly motivated.

Solution sustainability

This is a B2G business model: institutions’ approval is the first step of the implementation. Thanks to the institutional support we can potentially reach everyone involved in the educational system, all the members of their families and everybody else interested in sustainability. Furthermore, due to its conceptual circular design, the solution has the great potential to sustain by itself. This potential starts from the ability to Create a trend which will encourage new actors to join the circular movement: the more sustainable their practice is, the more visibility they’ll gain on our platform

Solution team work

Working in our team was a real pleasure: ideas came out and flew in a natural manner, as sync seems to be perfectly balanced. Intuitions were shared in a polite way and nobody tried to prevail above others. Everyone would motivate their opinions and be able to be critical in a constructive way. Another relevant thing that qualifies us as a “TEAM” is the ability, when needed, to wipe the slate clean and start over with more determination. Our hope is to continue working together!

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