Gamified team building for intercultural experiences

Gamified team building for intercultural experiences

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Gamified team building for intercultural experiences

Tiim is a platform to facilitate the team building in distributed education settings through a serious game which allows to create diverse and efficient groups.


Team: Tiim

Team members

Martina Liebl, Carl Kugblenu, Lukas Brückner

Members roles and background

Martina Liebl: Game Design & Strategy. Background: MA Media Education, BA Media and Communication

Carl Kugblenu: Technology. Background: PhD Candidate in Computer Science

Lukas Brückner: UX & Business. Background: MSc Human-Computer Interaction & Product Manager at Kyto


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Solution description

Tiim is a team creation platform. In order to ensure efficient teamwork in remote settings a good way of working in a team is even more necessary than in a local team.

Through a serious game, personal characteristics, team behavior, attitudes and demographics are collected in a more objective way. This allows the system to create teams based on personal attitudes, demographics and background which ensures that a diverse but effective team is created. Thus, the intercultural experience is given which is an important part of the pan-European Erasmus experience, and successful teamwork can be conducted.

EIT Digital already has virtual collaboration in some courses, so our tool can be directly employed in their next edition and on the one hand, remove some work from the professors or TAs in conducting the course, and on the other ensure a smoother and more valuable experience for the students.

Solution context

We see the problem of effective teamwork becoming more and more relevant as more online collaboration courses are created. In order to enable more students to take part in the European cultural experience more remote solutions need to be used. However, remote work requires a lot more communication and more self-organization. So our solution helps to make this part smoother.

Solution target group

University students in courses that are conducted at several universities at the same time

Universities that facilitate these kind of courses.

Solution impact

It will become easier for universities to run collaborative international courses, because of the smoother process of team building and teamwork. This can foster multicultural collaboration. The impact will be measured by evaluating the outcome of the project work and by collecting feedback on the student’s experiences with the app and the actual matching.

Solution tweet text

You don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect team? Wait until you meet Tiim.

Solution innovativeness

Using Gameplay to gather data on collaborative styles

Use it in an educational context, the place where everyone’s team playing skills are formed.

Solution transferability

The solution fits in diverse contexts including event team matchmaking scenarios. Any context that includes matching teams with diverse backgrounds (nationality/culture, age, experience etc.)

Solution sustainability

Finishing prototype until the end of the year, starting pilot with EIT during spring semester 2020, adjusting the improved prototype to more diverse use (eg. hackathon) in the future

Solution team work

We worked well as a team. We were diverse with unique competencies that complemented each other. Even though we were only three people we managed to work effectively and focused, but for the future more team members could be beneficial to ensure a successful project.

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