Gornesti helping learning in rural areas

Gornesti helping learning in rural areas

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Helping learning in rural areas

How can we help young children and their teachers to learn in rural areas.


Team: Kids from Gornesti

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Solution description

Even if students in rural and disadvantaged areas do not have a computer at home, the school can allow them access to digitization. However, this implies partnerships with other institutions and changing the way teachers work.

Solution target group

students and teachers from rural areas

Solution impact

increasing students' motivation for learning

reducing absenteeism

facilitating access to information

the possibility of a faster uppdate for teachers

creating a more pleasant space

Solution tweet text

Digitalization of education in rural areas is possible! We start, be with us!

Solution innovativeness

introduction of SMART TVs into teaching

granting what education in Europe entails

the use of tablets by students at the time in the curricular activities

extracurricular activities in partnership with other institutions

realization of a virtual classroom

Solution transferability

these activities started as extracurricular activities but will be transformed into curricular activities, digitization being used at the course ears. Changing the way teachers work is necessary to keep up with the new generations.

Solution sustainability

The support of these activities will be done through international projects etwinning and erasmus +. Our Gornesti City Hall has already started equipping the classrooms with smart TVs. Associations like ROMA Education found will be with us with activities that will catch the students' attention and bring them closer to the school to reduce dropout

Solution team work

We worked well in  team, we chose partners we could rely on and we worked with in projects. We chose motivated people with whom we have common ideas. We will definitely work together again

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