Green Kingdom

Green Kingdom

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AR Game were you can be different players in the FS chain, dealing with social economical and environmental issues, as reuse of packaging,etc. ​Help understanding/internalizing FS knowledge improving & facilitating teaching, engagement of children/parents, driving them to a higher green awareness.​


Team: GreenKingdom

Team members

Rita Martins; Hileia Sousa; Fangxiu Lin; Ivan Giaccaglia; Rafael Zambrano; Rui Cerveira

Members roles and background

Rita Martins 



Researcher and science interface 



Hileia Souza​

Portugal ​

Researcher in Food science​



Rui Cerveira​

Portugal ​

Cook at ​

& Teacher at IPGuarda ​


Ivan giaccaglia​


Human-Computer Interaction​


Rafael Zambrano​


Ecology and Environmental Planning​

TU Berlin​


Lyu Fangxin ​


EIT Food - Food Systems Master programme​


Contact details


Solution description

AR Food Game were you can be different players in the food system chain, dealing with social economical and environmental issues, as food waste, reuse of packaging, choosing the best and healthy food, understanding the nutritional values, etc. ​

​Our concept is to help understanding and internalizing of Food Systems knowledge improving and facilitating teaching and engagement of children/parents, expecting to drive them to a higher green awareness.​

Solution context

The problem is to explain to children and parents the need he have to be mor green to save our future


We are solving the problems of 

  • Lack of Digital  tools for education​
  • Teaching and Desconstruct/ turn easier complex topics concerning to Food Systems Chains and their problems​ like Food waste, teaching about nutricional values, Teach about food healthy issues, sustainability, digital education.
  • Sedentarism  ​

Solution target group

Our targeted clients are parents and schools who are willing to plant a "sustainable seed" in the children's mind. For parents, it can be sold on ios/Android app market; for schools, it can be sold in a package with guidance, which helps teachers planning their teaching schedule. 

This solution will help children with many diferrent issues as:

  • social changes
  • Raises curiosity | inspiring The Benefits
  • Learning issues that are difficult to understand in a easy and fun way
  • Connecting children with digital tools to literate them into food systems ​
  • Teach/ Introduce children sustainable challenges of the food system ​

The benefits will be the improvement of green awereness in our society 


Solution impact

The success of the solution might be measured by the Number of downloads / Sales, and the feedback from social media / app market comments.

For long term impact, it can be measured by social surveys on the aspects of benefits to social development, reputation improvement of adopted schools etc

The positive impact we are expecting: Facilitating teaching and engagement of children regarding sustainable food system, have fun, and being a "green protector" in their future!

Solution tweet text

Its different all the game’s you already tested because it’s uses AR to bring to you the today’s food concerns, and how to start resolving them​ in a fun way. Learn how easy you can transform yourself in the Green Protector in real life!

Solution innovativeness

Brings AR to real and important issues of food. We want to teach and desconstruct/ turn easier complex topics concerning to Food Systems Chains and their problems​.

We didn't found these topics in other AR Game or solution 

We think this should be the next step for educators

Solution transferability

This solution can and should be used in other contexts , as in entrepreneurship, financial sustainability, social innovation, All if adapted  to it.

Has also transferability to other ages /other publics

Solution sustainability

In the mid/long term improvement of game framework for other children ages and create an all inclusive game offer

Online community - platform that connect all different subjects regarding the EIT Topics (climate, innovation, education, food, health, energy, raw material)


Create a green kingdom online community. Be part of the community and go up grading the functionalities of the game. New levels, new situations, new experiments!

Solution team work

we were like a disruptive family, and for that of course we can continue together.

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