GreenLight - The greener chatbot

GreenLight - The greener chatbot

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GreenLight the greener chat bot

GreenLight is a new and innovative chatbot that tries to give you the most environmentally friendly suggestions for your transport to work or school or even your holiday trip.



Team: BigBrain

Team members

Felix Slanec; Leon Vierlinger; Livio Tavakolian; Antonio Juric;

Members roles and background

Felix Slanec: Team lead & Developer of Main app

Leon Vierlinger: Optimisation of Scratch elemets

Livio Tavakolian: Research & Developement

Antonio Juric: Research & Developement

Contact details

Solution description

The final product of this solutions is a chatbot, which is through the dialogue able to give you tips and tricks which can guide you in the world of eco-friendly transportation. 

Solution context

One of the biggest problems in our society is not knowing how to travel the worl in an sustainable way. GreenLight tries to give the user a new perspective on the issues surrounding transportation.

Solution target group

People who try to live in the most enviromently friendly way. People who want to change their habits in the area of transport.

Solution impact

The main impact of GreenLight is that the user is able to casually message the bot and get an near instant response that has the possibility of slowly changing the world for a better place.

Solution tweet text

GreenLight is a new and innovative chat bot that tries to offer you the most environmentally solution of traveling the world. #GreenLight #Transportation

Solution innovativeness

The main differance of GreenLight to other chatbots is that it suggests solutions to problems other might not be even aware of.

Solution transferability

GreenLight can easily be changed to tackle different social and economical problems. By changing the keyword list GreenLight can solve other problems.

Solution sustainability

Like Eliza, GreenLight can apply to modern day problems and  even future dilemmas.

Solution team work

All mebers of the BigBrain team worked togeher to build GreenLigt. All members got a task assigned and worked on it through the night. In the late morning we worked together to fix and eliminate all the bugs. By connecting all the individual elements of all team members GreenLight can respond to a wide varioty of requests.

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