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A platform which helps people who are lonely

I know exactly how they feel during the quarantine, since I am a student and I have to suffer through this as well. I want to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation with my platform. 


Team: Growly

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Duy Bui

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Duy Bui: Founder, Ideacreator, computer science student 

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Now let's move to our main feature, which I call the garden. At first I was asking myself, how do you know if someone is doing well or not, doing well when you have never spoken to them or never seen them. Then I had the idea that we can display someone's mental health based on their virtual garden. In the garden you can grow trees and a tree stands for a specific task, let's say the lemon tree stands for workout. You can place the lemon tree in your garden and by the end of the day if you do that, you can place it in your garden and your lemon tree will get some water. If your tree gets water everyday, it will grow more beautifully and bear fruits. But it can also happen that if you don't water your tree, it will dry out and die. So it encourages people to do their tasks to nurture their virtual garden, because it is a visualisation of their mental health. The users can also set up that they fill in their task once a week, so that they won't have to log in every day and their tree won't die, because I don't want to force people to use their phone every day if they use it too much already.


Another feature is also the “Express question”. “Express question” is where people can ask other users about their opinions and advice for urgent matters. A user can post their question in a forum-like interface and the others can add their comment in that post. Everyone can see the comments and can give it a thumbs up in case the solution was helpful. My target audience is not only students but everyone trying to improve themselves, since I want to include everyone's opinion and advice, because what if there is someone who is older and more experienced who already went through this situation and he can give advice to someone who is in need of help. Of course, we will have some moderators to watch over the threads to see if someone is trolling on our forum.


The good thing about my platform is that if someone decided they want their garden to be public then other people like their helper can see how well they are doing or if they do their tasks. In case the helpee is not doing well, then we notify the helper and encourage them to reach out to their matched helpee and ask them how they are doing for example. They don't even have to text each other, because they can also do some other activities together, like playing games online or taking a walk, or doing some of their hobbies. 

Solution context

I know exactly how they feel during the quarantine, since I am a student and I have to suffer through this as well. I am struggling through this situation and it is really hard for me, at some point I don’t even know what to do or how to help myself. Since I am at my wits end, I decided to help other people instead for the sake of moving forward. I want to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation with my platform. 

I want to connect people who need help and people who want to help.

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It should helps everyone. If no one needs my app anymore then I call it a success

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Growly will help you to find motivation and the help you need to you dont feel lonely anymore #Growly #lonely #depression

Solution innovativeness

Virual gardening

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It is online and availble everywhere

Solution sustainability

It is an app and can be a website as well

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We worked together very well

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