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Chatbot talking about carbon footprint

This chatbot can help basic users in daily life with questions they have about the carbon footprint as a habit-changing concept. The Chatbot looks for signal words in a sentence and then he answers with a defined answer.



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Solution description

The Chatbot answers the questions posed by the user (the "challenger"). The chatbot does not look for 1:1 questions, but only for signal words (keywords) in a sentence without any regard to the content. This means the user does not need to ask a full and whole question, he just has to ask with a signal words (benefit of challenger).

Solution context

The problem is that the chatbot cannot answer every question about carbon footprint, he just answers to defined keywords with "defined" answers. The challenge we are solving is to create a chatbot, which answers questions about carbon footprints even broader.

Solution target group

The target are the normal basic users, without much previous knowledge. They could benefit by asking with just kewords and getting full sentenced answers

Solution impact

With our "project" we want to help basic users with daily questions about the carbon footprint.

Solution tweet text

The Chatbot looks for signal words in a sentence and then he answers with a defined answer.

Solution innovativeness

The different thing about the "code" is, that you normally would think of an if/else statement, where you answer to defined questions. Our "code" answers to defined "signal words" or "keywords", not to the sentences.

Solution transferability

It could be used in other contexts, the only thing you would have to change is the pre-defined signal words with the answers

Solution sustainability

Our plan is to make the code easy understandable

Solution team work

We worked very well together, we did not really have disputes or something else. Working together in future could be nice.

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