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Healthy food and sustainbility

Our project takes the name of“ herecomesthefood”, just to draw attention to the fact that the food is brought into the department, by a group of students selected by tender, who will be responsible for transporting food from the nearest canteen and bringing it by bike,to avoid CO2 consumption.


Team: Deskton Idea

Team members


Members roles and background

Student of Science of education

Contact details

Pia Sacco,

Solution description

Offer takeaway canteen service with attention to food intolerances and healthy food.

The success of the solution can be measured by surveis and can provide benefits to health and time of the students.

Solution context

We are solving a student problem and social aggregation;

also allows the creation of new jobs.

Solution target group

The target are the students and all the others members of UNIFG.

The goals are: facilitate the users of the service.

Solution impact

The impact is enormous because the territory is valued both in material and human resources of the city, creating a network between university and territory: third mission.

Solution tweet text


Solution innovativeness

The Canteen service with healthy food.
Creation of an app and partnership Unifg Store
Catering/recreational area A.D.I.S.U. and Local Producers
Creation of a notice for personal selection of transport

Solution transferability

The project can be transferred in medical context, but for the family of patient.

The part that can be applied to others context is the canteen service.

Solution sustainability

The sustainability of the plan is the food transport, that is get with bicicle and the use of the recyclable cutlery.  

Solution team work

Yes we can!

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