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Home Tutor in Brief

It's an interactive safe virtual-learning service adapting appropriate methodologies and Digi Edu tools that fit Palestinian context.

It provides Palestinian families with qualified multi-disciplinary tutors engaging any school learnersـــno matter how far away they live or what their abilities are.


Team: Home Tutor Team

Team members

Aya Almashharawi / Hala Alazazi / Mahmoud Jalambo

Members roles and background

Aya El Mashharawi Co-Founder, Project Manager
An English language academic at the University College of Applied Sciences with more than 16 years of experience in academic & professional fields of English language, TEFL pedagogy, IELTS, Curricula Design & Development, Translation, Content Writing, and Tech-based tools. Moderated online courses as a certified E-Moderator from the Consultants-E Limited & a certified IELTS Trainer. Shared in Bon Voyage training in Greece, Ireland, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, West Bank & Gaza in Palestine

Hala Al Azazi Co-Founder, Technical Support

IT academic at the University College of Applied Sciences with 19+ years of experience in the academic & professional field of IT. Extended experience in teaching & curriculum development in many institutions (Palestine, UK, UAE). Certified e-moderator from the Consultants-E. Consultant in e-learning for different educational institutions, including those who need gamification online learning tools

Mahmoud Jalamb Co-Founder, Marketing and Financial Manager

An English language academic at the University College of Applied Sciences with more than 16 years of experience in training and teaching the English language and soft-skills. Officially, an international trainer and an English language instructor. A certified training professional with the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO), a certified IELTS trainer, a certified trainer of PCELT from the World Learning School of International Training (SIT), and a certified e-moderator from TCE.

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Solution description

Home Tutor aims at providing an interactive safe virtual-learning service adapting appropriate methodologies and Digi Edu tools that fit the Palestinian context. It provides Palestinian families with qualified multi-disciplinary tutors engaging any school learnersـــ no matter how far away they live or what their abilities are.

Home Tutor Characteristics:

  • Time Flexibility

  • Anywhere; no matter the distance

  • Accessible for every learner  including handicapped

  • Safe & Reliable

  • Teacher-Learner Presence & Interaction

  • Peers Collaboration

  • Gamification

  • Personalized & Check-in Learning

  • Parents’ Supervision

  • Learner’s Choice of Tutors


Solution context

Home Tutor  works on a solution that serves:

   1-Parents Pains:

●Time-stricken with following up their children’s learning

●Remote or unsafe learning centers

●Lack of their supervision in the conventional learning centers

●Many parents opt to keep their daughters at home and out of harm’s way


   2-Students Pains

●Emergency times and sudden lockdown of schools

●Unprepared for the 21st-century workplace

●Waste of time (e.g. transportation )

●Handicapped students (movement difficulty )

●Unhealthy environment (e.g., Covid-19 transmission, poor ventilation, etc.)

●Gender norms; girls may face dangers or violence on the long way to learning centers


3- Tutors’ Pains:

●High unemployment rate of the Palestinian graduates exceeds (52%)●Limited job opportunities in low-income rural areas

●Work-family issues, particularly motherhood, may keep women at home and limit their access to good jobs

●Gender inequality in the traditional workplace

●Emergency times and sudden lockdown of schools

●Waste of time (e.g. transportation )

●Unhealthy environment (Covid-19 transmission, poor ventilation, etc.)

●Insufficient Digi Edu Competence

Solution target group

It targets mainly:

  • Palestinian school learners from grade 5 to 12

  • Multi-Disciplinary Tutors using Digi Edu tools: ( Zoom, Nearpod, Kahoot, Classdojo, Google Tools, EdPuzzle, Wordwall, Quizizz) 

Solution impact

This solution will hopefully have tremendous impact on learners, tutors, the educational process, and society.

1- Solution Impact (on Learners):

●Better engaging of learners throughout interactive learning having them “doing” things—analyzing, creating, role-playing, experiencing, reflecting, etc.

● Ensuring greater flexibility and accessibility for learners navigating at their own pace and needs (synchronous live classes, asynchronous learning, and auto-recordings for those who can’t make it)

●Establishing a constant virtual learning environment for every learner anywhere

2- Solution Impact (on Tutors):

●Creating job opportunities and generating income resources for graduates●Building up the tutors' capacity and ensuring their eligibility to meet the ever-changing workplace trends throughout a comprehensive training program on a set of 21st-century skills, methodologies, and Digi Edu tools needed in the e-learning process

3- Solution Impact (on the Educational Process):

●Scaling up the educational process to keep pace with the digital progress and fast-track the sudden transition from conventional education to a virtual one

●Adapting appropriate methodologies to fit and serve the Palestinian environment

●Utilizing low-cost Digi Edu-aided tools compared to conventional learning aided tools

●Facilitating remote learning opportunities and enhancing learners’ autonomy

4- Societal  Impact:

●Equal gender access to safe education

●Removing barriers to girls’ education especially in the marginalized areas

●Economic empowerment for female graduates in low-income areas

●Easy-access for handicapped learners

●Enhancing the green economy by reducing pollution resulted from transportations and paper-waste

●Children's protection in emergencies time (COVID-19 Pandemic)

●Raising awareness of digital literacy among the Palestinian families


Solution tweet text

Home Tutor is the innovative solution providing an interactive safe virtual-learning adapting appropriate methodologies and Digi Edu tools that fit the Palestinian society. Home Tutor is the gate for students to innovate , tutors to income generate, parents not to hesitate.

Solution innovativeness

Our solution comes in an original form of services that fill gaps in the Palestinian education system since the rare available existing teaching platforms depend only on recorded lessons with the absence of tutor-learner interaction and active learning strategies. It will be the first of its type that works on tutor presence, learner collaboration & interaction, and Digi Edu tool kit. Home Tutor tends to step up the quality of education within the Palestinian context in the era of digital changes.

Solution transferability

A part of our future plan is to pilot the Home Tutor in other similar national and international contexts.

Solution sustainability

To keep sustainability:

  • Home Tutor sells an online tutoring service using a multi-channel marketing strategy.

  • Home Tutor markets its service through social media, email marketing, advertising, and simple word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Fund will cover marketing costs, website, platform, server, as well as the technology and staff (tutors, marketing team, and IT specialists).

  • Home Tutor expects to earn a profit from their students’ subscription.

                                                To kick-start our dream, we came to Hackathon to hit the ground running.

Solution team work

 As we are university academics working in the same institution, the idea of Home Tutor was flying in the air since all the working parents are overloaded and suffer the pain of teaching their children. Digi Edu Hackathon has been the ideal place to develop our idea making use of the valuable feedback from the expert monitors during their visits to our workroom. Worth mention that we dedicated sincere efforts and time during the two days. Teamwork spirit has been a key factor in accomplishing the solution. We distributed roles among us. For example, Aya led the solution discussion meetings, supervised every single step, and worked on the presentation and the form. Mahmoud conducted a prospectus workshop to figure out the viability of the idea of the solution. Hala worked on producing the videos as well as designing the logo and the posters.  

We've been supporting each other during the Hackathon and we are expecting ongoing cooperation in the future to make this solution happen.                   


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