Houpette strategy

Houpette strategy

Our challenge, your solutions

Enabling physical tasks of all kinds from distances of all kinds

Our solution aims to enable students who are not able to attend class for reasons like a lockdown, the remoteness of the home of the student or ongoing crisises like wars, famines etc. !


Team: Houpette

Team members

Eléonore Mouttet & Tjark Hennings-Huep

Members roles and background

A french/german team looking for a way to make remote classes more interesting & interactive. 

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Solution description

Our solution consists of:

-An smart toolstation which is attached to the socket of eDO featuring...

   + A laser pointer 

   + 3D printer

   + Drawing materials like penns, markers etc. 

   + mini USB charging port

...as well as lids for every object so the arm can grip them smooth and secure.

-An adaptable ringmount for the arm to grab the objects without problems with the size 

-An easier application to use to control eDO making it accessable for younger children and for the specific areas of applications.

Solution context

Our idea first came from an observation we made during our studies (online and/or onsite): a lack of interaction between students and professors.

However, interaction is extremely important to keep the students - and professors - entertained and focus on a topic. Without this concept, it is easy to lose interest and even drop out. 

So we thought, how can we incorporate e.DO to the classroom environment and make the relation student-professor more interactive?

Then, our second thought was influenced by our similar interest in architecture & design: "What if we include 3D?". Indeed, even if 2D illustrations are necessary to the teaching method, incorporating 3D printing improves the learning experience. As students, we think that this pedagogical method has a huge potential and could nowadays be used in so many educational departments: art and design, mathematics, architecture, engineering, and so on. So, for instance, what if we use e.DO's precision and handling to teach perspective or physically submit onsite an assignment for us while we are abroad? And what if we add more tools than just the 3D printer, increasing, in consequence, the possibilities of interaction during onsite/online classes?

Solution target group

The target group consists of schools, universities and educational facilities which want to enable interactive remote classes. 

Solution impact

Our solution contributes to the ongoing process of adapting education to nowadays technological standards.

Students would be able to perform any tasks on a lot of different levels of expertise and people in crisis/war zones with access to smart devices could participate in courses and classes broadcasted from educational facilities.

Solution tweet text

A new way to make your idea happen in class whilst sitting at home. #3Dprinting #onlineclass #creativity #robotics

Solution innovativeness

Never before seen combination of cutting edge industry elements called robotics and 3D printing all controlled remotely from an individual attending class. 

Solution transferability

Other educational departments could make use of the remote controlling feature as well.

With chemistry class as an example, the arm could be used to carry out experiments with dangerous substances without any teacher or professor having to risk the health. 

Solution sustainability

Not applicable, idea is on digital basis. 

Solution team work

With our research progressing we more and more figured out our idea which consisted of two main ideas (3D printing & remote class) which we eventually merged and made the concept we present to you.

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