IdeasGym Anywhere STEM Capacity Building Platform for K-12 Students

IdeasGym Anywhere STEM Capacity Building Platform for K-12 Students

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Project Description

The platform is dedicated to teaching and learning STEM for school students and their teachers (Example of courses provided: Robotics, Coding, Mobile Apps, Electronics, Arduino, IoT). We provide STEM Education as a service.


Team: IdeasGym

Team members

Marwa Soudi, Yasser Tawfik

Members roles and background

Marwa Soudi is an engineer, entrepreneur, and a mother to a nine-year-old girl, but that’s not all. She’s also a consultant of tinkering, complexity and planning, a STEM capacity building manager, and a co-founder of IdeasGym.Marwa is an accomplished woman with many accolades to her name. She won first place in the MSMEs category for her Ideasgym work in the Women in ICT Awards, hosted by UNDP and MCIT, was a finalist in Miss Digital Africa 2019, and was selected as a Tony Elemelu Foundation Entrepreneur in 2018.

Yasser Tawfik is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ideasgym Since 2011 with focus on Technology based and Gamified training and education.Yasser provided different training programs and being a consultant with entities like Ministry of communication and information technology,

Information Technology and Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Technology , Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (TIEC) , Nile University. Yasser has a master of Management of technology from Nile University

2010 and his Bachelor is in the field of engineering, communication and


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Solution description

IdeasGym e-learning platform is using different approaches in building STEM capacities. The platform is dedicated to teaching and learning STEM for school students (Ages between 8years and 18 years) and their teachers (Example of courses provided: Robotics, Coding, Mobile Apps, Electronics, Arduino, IoT). The platform uses AI, learning Analytics, online game based learning, gamification, hybrid communication and applying the pedagogy of care to support the students through their learning journey. The competitive advantage of the team is how they bridge the gap between technology and digital pedagogies. The courses are designed uniquely following the school of constructionism created by Seymour Papert. As a result, the completion rate of the courses exceeded 92% which is considered a high rate compared to MOOCs and other distant learning initiatives. Recently one of IdeasGym online courses has been listed in UNESCO 2020 Compendium as one of the promising initiatives to foster AI in education.

Solution context

 Our target audience is K-12 students and their teachers/educators. When it comes to STEM education and capacity building, complexity comes from the fact that potential educators and educational institutions exist at different levels and different contexts. Moreover, students and teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. The advancement in technology and digital tools proved that technology based instructions can surpass traditional classroom-based instruction in quality by providing a wide variety of affordances and capabilities that can promote motivation and result in engaging, efficient and effective learning. However, the majority of educational organizations or technology organizations supporting STEM online education, often find it hard to employ qualified educators  who can bridge the gap between the digital tools and the appropriate pedagogical methods to support the students and motivate them to master STEM skills. Our platform applies advanced techniques technically and pedagogically following the school of constructionism initiated by Seymour Papert. We use hybrid communication methods (Mixing learning analytics and human feedback) , game based learning, simulations and gamification to maximise learning by constructing and tinkering. As a result the completion rates of our courses passed 92%.

Solution target group

Our target audience is K-12 students and their teachers/educators. We used our more than 12 years of giving training in STEM subjects to 1000s of students in face to face setup and innovation labs around Egypt, and designed our online courses content to: keep the enrolled students engaged, give the sensation of hands-on experience using simulations, gamification and other tools, build individualized scaffolds for the enrolled students using our researched pedagogical framework and learning analytics. We provide direct online mentoring and coaching to the students during the course which keeps the students engaged, interested and have the feelings of the presence in the same place with their peers and the instructor(Synchronous sessions). Add to that parts of the courses also  are asynchronous.

Designing our courses contain synchronous and asynchronous activities increases the flexibility of learning.  In other words we mixed our experience, with the pedagogy of care and digital pedagogies from a side, while using technology as the data feeds from our learning management system to support the learner's learning process. All our courses are designed to be project based and to support the learner to construct knowledge.

Solution impact

We collect a feedback from all the enrolled students by the end of the courses. The feedback we received so far is positive and reflects how far the students were happily engaged. Also sample of those reviews can be found in our website

Another sample of feedback from one of our courses can be found in the following video:

We also keep monitoring the completion rates and the students' engagement within the courses.

Solution tweet text

Ideasgym is Your STEM educational coach in a click

Solution innovativeness

In the field of educational robots or STEM education the nearest programs designed for k12 are either offline and requires to have the kits as LEGO robots or specific materials in general. When it comes to e-learning the students use online videos provided by different YouTube channels. There are a couple of courses on Udemy but also uses the video format, which means the instructor is talking in the video and the students are just receiving the information. During COVID 19 some training centers gave their sessions online using online conferencing tools as zoom. However, it was given in an instructional format and lacked real interaction. The video format and the lack of interaction between the instructor and the students make it almost impossible for the students to learn troubleshooting or to have the sense of a hands-on experience without having the kits physically. We overcame this in our program by using a simulator and more than 13years of experience in teaching STEM following constructionism. Our experience with the students and educational STEM tools helped us to transform the training from the real world to the virtual world using technology as a Learning Management System, online conferences and simulations.

Solution transferability

Our methods already proved its scalability and adaptability through the different partnerships with our local and international partners. Also for outreaching to an international audience. Our team's ability to coach and design curriculums in Arabic and English opened a huge market for us. As our focus is on STEM and using tinkering , tinkering and STEM can be considered a unified international language like Math or sign language. During 2019-2020 IdeasGym started the B2B service. In which IdeasGym can design courses following its methods for educational companies selling educational software or hardware. As IdeasGym we partnered with (Strawbees, Sweden) , Databot US (in US), (Makeblock , Europe and China) and (Cogmation Robotics, Canada). In 2020 IdeasGym e-learning platform outreach went viral by having enrolled clients from Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Sweden, Croatia, US, Estonia, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Solution sustainability

We are currently working on more partnerships with schools and Educational organization who are looking for reliable complete STEM solution with a reasonable budget. 10K students are enrolled and fully completed our courses and now we are working to increase those numbers.

Solution team work

Me and my team are working together as a private company we have so far achieved the following:

 August 2020: IdeasGym won the second place in Orange Social Ventures Prize Middle East and Africa on the Egyptian level and nominated to Orange Social Ventures Prize Global. Link to the news

September 2020: IdeasGym LEGO online course using Virtual Robot Toolkit was listed in the UNESCO Mobile Learning 2020 Compendium. The compendium is featuring 45 projects and innovations with high impact in fostering AI inclusion in Education. Link to the Compendium

October 2020: Eng.Marwa Soudi, IdeasGym Co-founder, “Fostering STEM Education in the time of COVID-19”, presenting IdeasGym online work during COVID, during UNESCO Online Mobile Learning Week Symposium, Day 1, Breakout session (1.2). Link to the record.  Link to the pdf.

July 2020: IdeasGym e-learning platform has been selected as a finalist for the Falling Walls Breakthrough of the Year in the category Science Engagement Initiatives at Falling Walls.

October 2019: IdeasGym co-founder was selected as Ms.Digital Africa Finalist on Behalf of IdeasGym e-learning Platform

January 2020: We have been selected to present our method in using technology in education through IdeasGym online platform in the UNESCO Mobile Learning week Symposium 2020

Jan. 2019: IdeasGym has been accepted in Startup Europe and Startup Estonia. During COVID IdeasGym platform was mentioned and profiled in all the Estonian campaigns profiling Edutech Companies.

October 2019: IdeasGym online platform methods won the second place in DigiEduHack Espoo Led by United Nations Technology Innovation Labs in Finland and Alto University

Feb. 2018: IdeasGym platform won Woman in ICT 1st place Award. The competition was run by the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and UNDP. ICT for Woman Award

June. 2018: IdeasGym platform got selected as Tony Elemulu Foundation Awardee in the Education Category. Recognising our team from the top entrepreneurs in education in Africa.

September. 2018: IdeasGym joined Xedu accelerator in Finland (Certified also from Education Finland) and has been selected by the (United Nations Technology Innovation Lab in Finland) as a solution for education in emerging markets.


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