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Explore, Play and Find your major path

60% of professionals in Mexico work on something that is not related to their university education(SEP).



Team: Hacks

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Jerson, Liz, Adolfo, Lau y Karen
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Solution description

We believe that the education system should help you find your passion, what you are good at and guide you in order to develop it.

That is why we will create a profile with the help of AI and mini-activities or games, which, based on your answers, interaction time and preferences, provides learning options.

Iki is an educational platform that helps students find their passions and areas of interest through a training gamified service. (activities / games).

Solution context

The amount of students that don´t know their habilities and passions, therefore they have difficulties deciding what they want to study at college. 

Solution target group

Students between 16 and 17 years old that are deciding or starting their major path.

Solution impact

We will manage to guide and enhance the skills and knowledge of the students so that they can fully develop in their professional life.

We would evaluate if Iki is effective by measuring the number of people using the app, and also that passed the test correctly and enroll in a mini workshop of the selected vocation.

Solution tweet text

Help students to find their major path using emerging technologies like AI and letting them play.

Solution innovativeness

Implementation of AI to generate interactive activities for each subject based on the user answers, interaction time and preferences in order to find the major path that best suits the user´s profile.

Solution transferability

Our business model can be used by a student from any part of the world and be implemented for any high school or university.

Solution sustainability

Mid term: offer our service to all students and schools.

Long term:offer our service to companies that want to improve the efficiency of their employees and/or want to improve their recruitment process.

Solution team work

We divide the work depending on our knowledge and experience. However, we found it difficult to reach an agreement quickly.

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