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Immersive Training Platform

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V(A)R search engine

VR/AR tools became extremely popular among young generation and are opportunity for the educators and training implementors to overcome limitations of the purely digital education. VR/AR recommendation tool will be impactful only as part of the community platform where sharing is important. 


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Solution description

VR and AR applications are among the most rapid technologies changing the modern life of human society. In a few years to come they are going to drastically affect the way we learn, communicate, and interact with the Internet of things. Since higher education institutions and technological companies all over the world have been already extensively experimenting with the use of VR/AR solutions in higher education, there are still blue ocean markets available and ready to be conquered. The B2B solution we suggest for the EU market is the creation of an online VR/AR platform for vocational training that contains a repository of various VR/AR objects/modules available to be downloaded and used by any interested party. The platform will provide search engine together with a marketplace. In addition, build modeling app for quick content creation would be created with video modeling to 3Ds.

Solution context

One of the main challenges for a vast majority of young professionals in Europe today is a lack of access to marketable skills training programs, which will allow them to get a useful working profession and become successful in life. While majority of vocational institutions provide extensive online and offline teaching, only several of them offer possibilities to use VR/AR technologies in training.

Solution target group

  • EU bodies responsible for the development of vocational training: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training; European Vocational Training Association; European Forum for Vocational Education and Training
  • Vocational training institutions in EU countries
  • Corporations and educational companies
  • Leading existing hardware and software providers 
  • A network of consultants for the implementation of VR/AR technologies on the national level

Solution impact

The creation of B2B VR/AR Platform for Vocational Training will help to raise awareness and understanding in governments, education, and industry of the importance of skills training. The platform will help users all over Europe to explore, enhance and master core vocational skills required for their profession.

Solution tweet text

Immersive Learning is the Future of Training

Solution innovativeness

According to the 70:20:10 model, 70% of what people learn comes from experiments rather than typical classes. Thus, the most effective learning method is learning by doing. To our knowledge there’s no such platform existing on the market which provides an extensive VR/AR  toolset for main areas of vocational training.

Solution transferability

The solution is easily scalable with localization to less developed countries of the world.

Solution sustainability

The initial stage of platform development should be supported by the EU bodies with the perspective that in the future the access to the platform could be offered on the pay per module scheme or subscription-based model. The EU market for vocational training is over $ (forecast for 2025). The two most important aspects of the platform are content and community. Platform will be delivered in a form of a search place with tagging, indexing metadata, neutral networks, optimized for searching VR/AR projects. With a growing community, categorization will evolve in time with more data with the ambition to create marketplace through which one can get search suggestions, post search suggestion, NFT blockchain resource management. With 50K+ tagging done, we will extend search criteria aiming at standardization of industry (models library/NFT applications). Monetization will be done through commissions (passing info to right entities), pro subscription (additional stats), NFT royalties (artists), learning (indirect revenue).

Solution team work

The final solution is combination of the solutions provided by 2 teams. 

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