Invest Tycoon

Invest Tycoon

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A vidiogame

InvestTycoon is an economical simulator which teaches you basic practice and principles of investment.


Team: ASTRO Softworks

Team members

Sergey Reshetnikov, Sergei Sergeev, Anna Kolupaeva, Kerey Panyukov, Maxim Timoshenko

Members roles and background

Sergey Reshetnikov - Project Manager and Game Designer

Sergey Sergeev - Programmist

Anna Kolupaeva - Artist

Maxim Timoshenko - Narrative Designer

Kerey Panukov - Sound Designer and QA

Contact details

Solution description

This video game allows you to try yourself in the role of a private investor, whose tasks include:

1) The choice of companies to invest

2) Distribution of shares among the founders

3) Making decisions in case of crisis situations

In final version, product will include full formation of investment portfolio. Also, this game will include a little storyline.

The videogame is intended to teach basic practice and principles of investment.

Future success can be measured by monitoring the number of sold digital copies of game and by rating on popular game resources.

And, of course, it is supposed to collect decision statistics of a player.

Solution context

The main problem that we solve is improving financial literacy trough gaming practices.

Solution target group

People from 12 years old. Fans of Tycoon genre. First and Second year undergraduate students of Financial Universities and Institutes. People interested in improving their financial literacy

Solution impact

Simulators are an overall niche product. More often then not they have a small, but stable regular audience.

Project can be useful for all people who want to improve their level of financial literacy.

You can measure the number of people who have found this product useful by collecting statistics (number of purchases, number of downloads, number of people online at one time, etc.)

Solution tweet text

InvestTycoon is an economical simulator which teaches you basic practice and principles of investment.

Solution innovativeness

As part of a small study of the market (review of applications in the Play Market service), no analogues of the video game were found. There are applications with virtual accounts and they are not focused on the game form of learning. The closest analogues can be called Football Manager and Game Dev Tycoon.

Solution transferability

This product is very niche. Going beyond financial literacy the product loses its relevance. However, under the genre of Simulator you can implement almost anything

Solution sustainability

The video game will be distributed through digital distribution services.(Steam, GOG)

In the future, various financial instruments (trading on the stock exchange, Forex, purchase and sale of securities), as well as derivative financial instruments (futures, options), improving in-game intelligence should be added to the game

Solution team work

We already were a team. We’re working on our own project.

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