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Learn with short interactive videos. Swipe to navigate fun interactive video lessons. Like, comment and connect. Improve your Czech speaking with videos you can actually talk to. Every time you swipe you are getting a smart recommendation based on your personal preferences and  
learning needs. 


Team: iSpeak

Team members

Karina Kononovic, Sandro Franco

Members roles and background

Sandro Franco
15 years working in education, BPO, and KPO industry. USA and LATAM.
Former member of the Jean Piaget Society member

University of Portsmouth.

Contact details

Solution description

Solution target group

  • Age: 18-30. Goals: quickly learn to speak fluently. Pain points: Limited budget as a student for expensive tutoring. Full schedule at university, which does not allow much free time for extra learning outside of class. Influence: Friends and family, university, blogs and magazines, social media. Decision criteria: Always available, on the go; affordable, quick speaking results, interactive experience.

  • - Age: 25-40 Goals: quickly improve language skills. Pain points: English proficiency is required by the company to advance in the career; lack of time availability. Influence: friends and colleagues, senior management, business news, industry events, social media. Decision criteria: available on the go during commute, quick results, available business language.

Solution impact

The long months of the pandemic pushed millions of teachers and students into a cumbersome digital routine that highlighted the pain points of our traditionally accepted e-learning experiences. We aim at becoming a tool for recharging education for decades to come. We want to empower teachers and students so that they can create, share and learn seamlessly -just as they been doing with social media for the last decade-. We hope to pioneer and accelerate the changes required to help the millions that were rush into poverty.

Solution tweet text

Interactive TikTok for language learning

Solution innovativeness

The state of the art in mobile language learning can be briefly described as follows: Vocabulary in isolation, with little corrective feedback, limited interactivity, and little adaptation to learners’ needs and preferences (Source: EuroCall Review). The predominant tech behind these solutions is an NLP tokenization model of language structures, relying on the inductive and deductive skills of the learners to acquire such language.
Consumer trend: video content consumption has grown 120% since 2020. 500 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute.
Our solution innovates in:
The format: interactive video. High levels of interactivity, in a couple of seconds, a user gets to speak, listen, write and read. Oral production is prioritized in relevant contexts.
The delivery method: Personalization is based on personal preferences and skill level.
The social component: the learner interacts with content creators and other learners and communities are built around that interaction.

Solution transferability

The solution is domain agnostic. Teaching another subject or skill is no hassle.

Solution sustainability

We are building partnerships with companies that have a presence in B2B markets of our interest (e.g.,, Kinderpedia, NN). We are launching the direct-to-consumer channel where we will acquire both learners and content creators. Localize for nearby/European markets: German, Italian, French. Current availability: Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish.

Solution team work

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