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We have created a service which allows to conduct surveys and analyze information in a short period of time.

Team members
Samoilov Daniil, Belginina Lensia, Malinin Danil, Ledyaeva Alexandra, Vissarionova Ekaterina
Members roles and background

Samoilov Daniil - Full-stack developer and CTO in LLC. Junction 2016-2018, JunctionXBudapest 2018, HackUniversity, FinTech SPb 2017, FoodTech SPb 2018, RIF&KIB hack 2019

Belginina Lensia - Business analyst

Malinin Danil - Business analyst

Ledyaeva Alexandra - Translator, Schoolgirl

Vissarionova Ekaterina - Designer. Also from

Contact details
8 (991) 009-22-81

Gamification in education

Gamification is a technology that can make even boring tasks interesting. All that is needed is to come up with a game and determine the motivation of the players. The main question is - how to make the most of these technology in an educational context?

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Solution description

As a solution for this problem, we have chosen the service that allows to conduct polls and analyze the received information to develop an improved  strategy.

Using gamification in surveys will rise students’ motivation. That will lead to the quick reaction from the universities  and the improvement of the educational process in general.

The success of our solution can be measured by the number of teachers who will change their strategy of giving lectures to the better ones and the number of students who will be more satisfied with the university’s infrastructure.

The solution will provide the challenge owner with the permanent profit from the universities and the ability to realize the product in other markets.

Solution context

The lack of students’ motivation to pass surveys makes universities unable to improve the situation operatively.

This problem makes us think about using gamification in the field of education.

Solution target group

The target audience of our solution is higher and secondary special education institutions. It will effect students, teachers and administration of the university. This service will help students to take part in the organization of the educational process; teachers and administration of the university will get feedback about the educational service they practice.

Solution impact

Our product allows to get relevant information about the educational institutions. It will affect students, teachers and administration of the university. This service will help students to take part in the organization of their education.

Solution tweet text

We have created a service which allows to conduct surveys and analyze information in a short period of time.

Solution innovativeness

Now we have the same type and non-original questionnaires that students are not interested in at all: in most cases, when they receive a letter by the mail with the words “go through this survey ...”, it definitely falls into the rubbish bin.  We think that you have not seen such polls where you can leave likes, comments and even get some benefits for their completion.  Do not forget about the top, from which we learn the most pressing problems and the suggestions for their improvement. These features make our application innovative and different from other uninteresting questionnaires.

Solution transferability

Our service can be also used in еру medium-sized and large companies to get feedback from their stuff and have an idea of what actually happens in all of the departments of the company.

Solution sustainability


Firstly, we want to try our service on secondary special educational institutions to identify and fix the key problems. Then we will launch and scale our product at larger universities. In case of its success, we will provide our services to the middle-sized and large companies.

Solution team work

The majority of our team members have never participated in hackathons before, so it was hard to organize the team work. Some members of our team will continue leading this project, while others will develop their skills.


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