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A formation course recommender system

J4rv1s is a recommender system that provides you with the best options it can find to achieve your goals


Team: J4rv1s

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Solution description

Decision support system to help students decide which path suits them better in order to achieve their goals.

Students and future students could use our service to have an idea of the best degrees or formation courses that bests suits them.

Success of the solution would be measured with the number of students using our services, as well as their satisfaction with it.

Our solution will also provide schools and formation centers with more visibility, provided their results are good.

Solution context

We are facing the problem of how to figure out a students' success. The challenge to solve is basically help students decide their education based in studies, career path and success that other people had

Solution target group

The target group is people of any age in search of a course to enroll

Solution impact

This problem is very usual among students, and this system will help them orientate for their professional future.

We will measure impact with web usage tools ans statistics.

Solution tweet text

Don't know what to do with your life??? We can help you^^ #J4rv1s #DontThrowYourLifeAway #DigiEduHack

Solution innovativeness

We are using a recommendation system that takes into account the characteristics and goals having as a reference the success of other people according to their studies

Solution transferability

Our solution can be used in other context, as is a recommendation system, and thus it can be used, with some changes of the user's input, to support other kind of decisions

Solution sustainability

Our plan is to implement a n algorithm for a recommendation system.

For mid term implementation will be fully implemented as these algorithms (collaborative filtering) are widely studied. For the long term, we expect to have a big amount of users so that the recommender system performs better.

Solution team work

We struggled a bit at first on how to handle the idea, but we managed to overcome pour challenges and end up teaming up quite well.

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