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More accessible and lots of more features.

The app has features such as a homework planner, timetable, school calendar and school rules that helps the school communicate with the students and gives a helping hand to new and familiar students alike.


Team: Nerd Herd

Team members

Ciara Coules, Muireann O'Reilly, Anna Cunningham, Aoife Hartnett, Alicia Duffy, Kyra Murphy Bennett, Aimée Sherry

Members roles and background

Ciara: Technology is one of my greatest passions. I have been using a Windows computer since I was 3 years old, and have an interest in the hardware side of computers. I use a Windows 10 computer, iPad, and iPhone daily. I have a beginner level of knowledge in JavaScript and am part of my school’s tech team. Earlier this year, I took part in the School Digital Champion program, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. My strong suit regarding technology is with servers and audio equipment, more specifically the hardware aspects.) 

Aimee: I have done computer class in school. I also have been using an iPad since first year. I did Codo Dojo for a year and my mum worked in Microsoft.

Kyra: I have done computers since first year.  I use an iPad in school, I am part of the transition year tech team.

Alicia: I did computer classes in primary school.  I use an iPad daily in secondary and also do computer classes every week and I am also in the tech team.

Muireann: I did after school computers in primary school.  I go to a secondary school that uses iPads in replacement of physical books.  I am a member of the transition year tech team.   My mother, for most of my life, worked in TU Dublin, which is a Technological University and she works daily with Data Management.

Anna: I have taken part in computer class since a young age. I use an iPad daily in school as part of my education and I am part of the school tech team.

Aoife: My background in technology is mostly education and graphic design oriented. I regularly use iPads and computers for school purposes which has helped tremendously with my learning experience. My experience in graphic design is from using a drawing tablet to create art.

Contact details

Solution description

To create a more accessible version of the hard copy school journal for a technological school.

Solution context

As a very eco conscious generation, we take issue with the amount of paper wasted using a hard copy journal.  To add to that we, as transition year students, do not use our journals during the present COVID times.  As we are being encouraged to use our iPads as a main resource in school and having a digital journal would make the whole thing a lot more accessible.

Solution target group

It was designed with secondary school students in mind.

Solution impact

To make the school journal more accessible for students.

Solution tweet text

Our solution is a digital school journal that helps new and old students alike. It has many features, such as a live timetable sand calendar, school planner, a place to set you own personal goals and more. We hope that students enjoy our solution.

Solution innovativeness

For our student body, it would be different and original to anything we’ve used before.

Solution transferability

Could be used in Primary or Third Level or for personal use.

Solution sustainability

Would love to see this App developed and becoming a fully-fledged platform to be used by students and teachers.

Solution team work

We worked well in a team, considering this was all done socially distanced.  However, in future, I cannot see anything majorly affecting the way we work together.

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