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interactive educational platform for science labs

Jusoor is an interactive educational platform that offers interactive simulation games (virtual labs)  especially in scientific subjects, these labs through which the student can interact with The academic subject and its understanding faster, easier and smarter. 


Team: Jusoor Team

Team members

Ameen Abo Diak - Rawan Abo Diak - Kamal Joma - Osama Abbas -Rayen Lounissi -Taima Diab

Members roles and background

Ameen Abo Diak - founder and programer


Rawan Abo Diak - Programmer


Osama Abbas - Educational content writer


Kamal Nnaji - Educational content writer


Taima Diab - Legal Counsel


Rayen Lounissi- Game Developer

Contact details

ameenabodaik@gmail.com +972598749003

Solution description


We will work to develop an interactive learning platform (website + application) that displays the virtual laboratories and simulations that we will develop, and it will be in 3D, supporting Arabic and English, compatible with all different screens and devices.

Our solution will be used by the teacher and student in schools and homes so that they can conduct science experiments from home without having to access real laboratories, especially in case of emergency and the Corona crisis.

We will work to measure the impact of the project through tests that the student performs on the platform through simulation, and he will deliver the experiment report to the teacher after taking the results from the virtual laboratory and analyzing them as if he did the experiment in the real laboratory.

The project will be profitable and sustainable by selling subscriptions to schools and individuals in exchange for creating an account on the platform and obtaining a virtual laboratory.

Solution context

Many schools and educational centers lack many of the tools and materials they need to carry out experiments and activities for scientific subjects such as physics, mathematics, and chemistry, which causes students not to understand the subjects. also, universities lack technical tools and digital content that can help them in continuing the teaching process for practical courses such as scientific laboratories, especially in light of the application of e-learning from home or in an emergent state.

In conditions of closure, such as Corona, university students cannot be at the university to conduct experiments in laboratories.

so our challenge is Allowing students to do practical experiments in another way to achieve an understanding of theoretical material.

Solution target group

Students aged 14-22 who study science courses, in addition to their families and teachers of these subjects.

Institutions such as schools, universities, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. in Palestine and the MENA region.
Education centers specialized in scientific subjects.

Solution impact

The project works to achieve many goals of sustainable development, the most prominent of which is learning, which we work to provide in innovative ways, contribute and make sure to learn females efficiently and effectively, and experiment with difficult materials to provide in real conditions. The project also contributes to gender equality and provides more job opportunities for women in programming, design and business management. This contributed to increasing the woman’s contribution to production, innovation and creativity. The project also achieves an important goal of sustainable development, which is to preserve the environment, as it works to reduce the amount of papers that are wasted in the book and notebook industry, which are repeated annually and permanently.

the project will help the student to have a positive attitude toward science and make them excited for learning and affect their marks and increase their GPA. 

In the first year we will provide 6 jobs for programmers and designers and most of them will be women because of the availability of experience and comfort as these jobs will be from home without the need to work in a company so that we work to provide them with comfort and not be harmed to maintain health --- from 2-4 years we will have 35 employees in the fields of programming, design, marketing and public relations. After five years, we will have more than 50 employees.

Solution tweet text

Sign up now with jusoor platform and get a virtual experience that simulates real laboratories by interactive simulation labs safely and from anywhere and at prices that suit everyone in addition to a free account, join us and learn without limits.

Solution innovativeness

An interactive educational experience
Jusoor provides an interactive learning environment similar to electronic games through a 3D simulation of science experiments to help motivate students and increase their level of interaction while learning.
2- A complete simulation of the real lab
With Jusoor virtual laboratories, students will have the opportunity to practice educational experiments in all its steps through a complete simulation of the tools, devices and materials used in the real laboratory.
3- Enhancing students' learning efficiency
The interactive method of Jusoor Labs helps students master the steps of conducting various laboratory experiments, as they can conduct these experiments at any time without being restricted to a specific place.
4- Ease of use
Jusoor labs have been designed and developed taking into account the ease of students' interaction with the control panels and options inside to ensure that there are no difficulties that hinder their use.
5- Multiple languages ​​support
Jusoor virtual laboratories are available in Arabic and English, providing the language with a correct scientific translation with the ability to add other languages.
6- Use anytime and anywhere
Students can enter Jusoor labs anytime and anywhere, and conduct experiments that suit their time and preferred methods of learning.
7- Scientific ethics and environmental conservation
Jusoor helps reduce the number of experiments in which natural resources are consumed and produce gases that are harmful to the life of living organisms.

Solution transferability

We will work on developing the project so that we will study the curriculum for students of schools and universities in scientific subjects such as physics, mathematics, and chemistry in Palestine and in several Arab and non-Arab countries such as Jordan, Tunisia, the Emirates, Egypt, Sweden, America, and Austria, where we will compare the curriculum between all countries, which studies indicate that it is similar in large proportions. Easy to fit content from other countries and the global market.

The platform will initially support the Arabic and English languages ​​so that everyone can use it and it will be suitable for adding a new language according to the user market and adding modifications to the presentation method for customers and users.

Solution sustainability

The business model will be in various bridges according to the customer if an individual or an institution:

For individuals we offer them four packages:

1- Free package: in which the user can create a free account without using a visa or any of the payment methods and can access 25% of the content, but he does not have access to the tests and certificates.

2- Three paid packages (gold - silver - bronze) that fall behind in the features offered to them and the amount of content they can access and are priced at $ 5 - $ 15 per month.

For institutions, the price depends on the number of users and the features they choose, as we allocate a suitable package for them based on their needs.

Solution team work

We worked to form the best team to solve part of the education problems by developing a platform for virtual laboratories. Our team mainly consists of:
1 The academic team is a specialized team of teachers in schools and universities who have experience in teaching in science courses and in interactive education and in the production of learning aids
2 The technical team is a specialized team of programmers and game developers who work on designing and developing simulations and virtual laboratories. The team works in an integrated manner to test and develop the program and add user modifications and feedback.


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