Kevin the helpful recycle bot

Kevin the helpful recycle bot

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Kevin the helpful recycle bot

Kevin is a chatbot that helps you with any question about the recycling of everyday waste.




Team: Informatiker

Team members

Elias Ebner, Yunus Emre Güclü

Members roles and background

Elias Ebner: Mostly responsible for the gathering of important information and the selection of the shortest and most useful answers.

Yunus Emre Güclü: Mostly responsible for the main code of the bot

Both members had work in both roles as to help the other see errors or improve on already done work and ideas.

Contact details

Solution description

Our chatbot provides some usefull information about the recycling process, why you should recycle and how to do it correctly. The bot provides helpful answers to users that want to know more about a certain type of waste that they might encounter in their everyday life.

Solution context

Misconceptions and wrong recycling are a everyday problem. We aim to tell the user how to correctly recycle their waste and what benefits come with the recycling process. 

Solution target group

Everyday people that might be unsure why and how they have to discard of a certain type of waste or people that want some quick and interesting or helpful facts about waste.

Solution impact

The impact of the solution is to give the user helpful information that they might need. It's measured by giving the bot questions a user might have and seeing if the answer is helpful in regards to that question.

Solution tweet text

Kevin is a bot that gives you information regarding everyday situations all around waste.

Solution innovativeness

Kevin is a simple bot usefull bot. His knowledge span is rather small but the information the user receives can be very helpful.

Solution transferability

Kevin could be refined to server other target groups, be given more information and the option to receive any and all information to better help other users that need information outside the everyday situation range.

Solution sustainability

We plan to improve Kevins functionality to better serve more users and in different scenarios. 

Solution team work

As we are only two people we worked really well together. We could divide all our work. We would aim to learn about different topics and to share our learned knowledge so that we could both have a say in every part of the bot creation.

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