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LabSpace makes digital,fun laboratory for anywhere student wants.

The problem: students' interest in digi-ed is declining & they are unable to use labs live due to the pandemic. Students will benefit from our platform using 3d Lab and our DC sv. Our product will be an app with a 3D lab, a discord server for students to discuss education-related discussions. 


Team: HackLace

Team members

Gulay Aliyeva, Fatima Novruz, Vusala Mammadzadeh, Nuray Ganbarova.

Members roles and background

Fatima Novruz- Business manager, researcher, social media marketing

Vusala Mammadzadeh- AI creator, 3D designer

Nuray Ganbarova- Front End Developer, Researcher, Designer

Gulay Aliyeva- Project manager, AI bot developer, designer, Business manager

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Solution description

The problem is that students' interest in digital education is declining and they are unable to use laboratories live due to the pandemic. However, it is a confirmed fact that laboratories are so helpful and important for students' education.

Students will benefit from our platform using 3d Labs and our Discord server, which attracts students who are our customers. Our product will be an app with a 3D lab, a discord server for our customers(students) to discuss education-related discussions, ask questions and find study-buddies, as well as a website to integrate it all. In addition, we have created a bot on our discord server to help and motivate students, so that they can easily use our server, and artificial intelligence can motivate them for their education.

Solution context

One of the biggest problems today is the inability of students to use the laboratory in online education. The lab makes it easier for children to learn by touching and feeling substances in a practical way, making them memorable. Through LabSpace 3D Lab, children will be able to explore items in a more relaxed and fun 3D environment.

Solution target group

Our customers are university and school students interested in technical sciences and trying to discover laboratory conditions. Since our goal is to increase students' interests in digital education & laboratory system, our audience will generally be young people. But we don't have an absolute age range rule.

Solution impact

We surveyed pupils, students, and teachers for the platform, and 90 percent of them said they could not do laboratory assignments and work in online education. When we presented the topic of the platform, they wanted to implement this idea for them. It really motivated us)

Solution tweet text

Students and pupils will be able to make their laboratory work more fun and memorable by accessing the LabSpace platform via computer, VR or 3D glasses.

Solution innovativeness

What makes us innovative is that we create an online lab environment in 3D and have a Discord server with an AI bot attached to our site / app. 

Solution transferability

Our main goal was to facilitate the method of students' perception of the lesson in the online system. Laboratory and practice are very important in education. There are many problems in the online system that need to be solved. We can implement other projects in the online system that facilitate comprehension.

Solution sustainability

We want to implement the project mid-term.

Solution team work

Every member of our team is actively involved. Innovative ideas are put forward and discussions are held. We are grateful to each member of our team individually.

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