Language transportation

Language transportation

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Language journeys

The project consists of five multilingual activities with a total duration of two hours. The audience that we want to address are third Grade children. The languages used are French, Greek, English, Italian, Russian, Serbian, German, Slovenian, Dutch and Portuguese.


Team: Digital language alarms

Team members

Patsiomiti Magdalini, Chrysanthe Yvon Wells

Members roles and background

We both come from a literature and teaching background, thus offering in that project our experience with students. As postgraduate students in foreign language teaching and new technologies specialty, we believe that the Hachathon experience played a significant role in expanding our knowledge regarding digital activities. Through a global community of innovative ideas and applications exchange we have expanded our own learning horizons. 

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Solution description

The solution we suggest consists of five digital activities divided into three separated phases-steps. The linguistic observation activities combine play with the use of technology.

Phase 1: 

Activity 1: Video display of the song “Chansons des moyens de transport” in order for the children to be introduced to the main theme of the activity along with linguistic observation of the song in five different languages; French, Greek, English, Italian and Russian.

Phase 2: 

Activity 1: This will be a matching activity where the students try to match images to words written in Serbian.

Activity 2: During this activity, each student will be challenged to match the one half of each given word with its other half. The words that will be given are in Greek, English, Italian, Russian and French.

Phase 3: 

Activity 1: This activity includes a hangman game with words chosen from a multilingual board. The words will be in English, French or Italian. This activity’s target is to improve students’ observation of similarities and differences among the various forms that words of identical meaning written in the Latin alphabet can have

Activity 2: This will be a matching activity where each student has to match boxes. Inside the boxes will be images and words of vocal content. Languages used in this activity are; Italian, French, German, Slovenian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Solution context

The topics of the activities described are presented below. The target is describing linguistic correlations and those activities constitute the practical aspect of the suggested solution. There are observation, matching and completion activities, as well as multilinguistic boards.


Activity 1 

Listen to the song and find out the means of transportation in five different languages. Chanson de les moyens de transport?






La Motocyclette 

Η μοτοσυκλέτα 

La motocicletta 

The motorcycle 



Le bus 

Το λεωφορείο 


The bus 




Το αεροπλάνο 


The airplane 



La voiture 

Το αυτοκίνητο 

La macchina 

The car 



Le camion 

Το φορτηγό 

Il camion 

The truck 



Le tram 

Το τραμ 

Il tram 

The tramway 




Το ελικόπτερο 


The helicopter 



Le taxi 

Το ταξί 

Il taxi 

The taxi 



Le bateau 

Το καράβι 

La barca 

The boat 



Le Vélo 

Το ποδήλατο 

La bicicletta 

The bicycle 



Le métro 

Το μετρό 

Il metrò 

The subway 



Activity 1 

Can you match the images to the words? 

Activity 2: 

Can you match the beginning with the end of each word? 


Activity 1: 

Hangman game with words taken from the “means of transportation” board. Find the word in English, French or Italian

Activity 2: 

Match the right boxes.

Solution target group

The audience that we want to address are third Grade children.

Solution impact

Through multilingual activities we can achieve lingual awareness and improve the way students understand the relation between different languages and cultures. Multilingualism can have a strong positive effect in the development of cultural bonds and can also enhance perception of related origins among different cultures.

Solution tweet text

Lingual journeys with means of transport the actual means of transport!

Solution innovativeness

The suggested solution is original and authentic. It consists of games with related and similarly heard words from different languages. It includes imaginative and playful multilingual activities that can appeal to every student.

Solution transferability

The suggested solution can be used for educational purposes in a multilingual and multicultural environment in order to enhance linguistic awareness to it’s members.

Solution sustainability

Application of the suggested solution cannot be chronically bounded since it can be implemented again and again any time in the future.

Solution team work

We are a two member team. There has been exquisite cooperation, consistency and professionalism between us through the whole project. We both enjoyed working on the creation of multilingual activities.  We strongly believe that this project has offered us valuable knowledge in the field of lingual awareness.

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