Latam Sustainable Architecture Dynamic Platform

Latam Sustainable Architecture Dynamic Platform

Our challenge, your solutions

We connect, we create a network to build a better future together

Dynamic Platform to promote networking with Latam Universities with Sustainability oriented careers, to improve habitat and cities and build together a better low carbon future.

Organized information curated by an expert scientific committee


Team: Sustainability builders

Team members

Angie Dub, Alejandra Nuñez Berté

Members roles and background

Angie Dub - Co-Director, Editor

Architect UBA (2011), Magister ‘Sustainable Environmental Design - Architectural Association School of

Architecture (AA School) Londres, Reino Unido (2017). Proffesor and  Coordinador for  Maestría en

Sustentabilidad en Arquitectura y Urbanismo FADU-UBA. Member of  Scientific Committee for

‘Passive Low Energy Architecture - PLEA’ (Reino Unido), Metagreen Dimensions (India),

American Institute of Architects (Estados Unidos), etc. Director of

‘dub-diseño&sustentabilidad’, First architectural office B Certificated


Alejandra Nuñez Berté. - Co-Director, Editor

Architect UBA (1990), Maestría  in Sustentabilidad en Arquitectura y Urbanismo, FADU, UBA.  Thesis work in progress. CEO AbrigA Sheep wool insulation Company. Entrepreneur.

Specialized in sustaintability, energy efficiency, drywall and industrial construction systems, materials and technical test. Commercial and technical profile, with experience in new markets, positioning and international commerce. BREEAM New Construction International Auditor


Contact details

Solution description

We want to improve energy efficiency to produce sustainability knowledge. Free and Open.  This is our proposal

We create a collaborative and dynamic platform, as a meeting point for Latam Universities, to improve regional knowledge transference about sustainability in architecture, design and urbanism. And a bridge to connect with the world

Permanent Congress for continuous educational  program, structured in thematic seasons (Energy

efficiency, urban resilience, carbon footprint, solar architecture, construction systems, etc..)

Innovation value, is to do it in a ludic and friendly way. And centralized and curated by experts information

Season will include, master class, conferences (we already have done 2 series and a Youtube channel), papers, podcast, webinars and workshops. Collaborative spaces to promote peer to peer learning, with challenges or other collective works

Abstracts from the papers, and other content will be promoted like trailers, in video or podcast

Past Seasons will be available, and considering the demand we ll plan future ones

Hibrid learning with on line and off line content

In addition, it allows articulating the information needs, locating and retrieving data, information and

digital content, judge the relevance of the source and its content, store, manage and organize

digital data, information and content.

It will be on a regional scale: Latin America as the focus, with its constant and necessary interaction with Europe,

United States and other relevant training and information centers.

The success of the solution will be measured according to demand and regional organic growth levels. The

beneficiary (students, researchers and interested public) will have free access to information on

expertly curated quality.

Solution context

Research-specific information is usually highly decentralized and / or with restricted access or

fee, always statically stored in the local repositories of each University,

Congress, Conference or Research Center. Furthermore, the usual congress scheme represents

high energy costs for mobility due to the many and long journeys they cover

participants to later have access or contribute to these repositories. The platform is a

response to this, seeking to resolve the management of quality information specific to the region to

cross with other parts of the world, in an agile, constant way and with low energy impact.

Solution target group

University teachers and students. Researchers and study centers in the region. Interested public

on the theme of sustainability in architecture, design and urban planning.

Solution impact

The solution’s impact is to promote collaborative knowledge and transfer information

in a friendly, open and free format. In addition, we create a regional organic network of

professionals, students and those interested in this specific topic, who can simultaneously shoot other

complementary projects to the platform.

Fundamentally, improve access to information on sustainability in architecture, design and

urban planning to contribute to the objective of achieving a more sustainable built habitat and better quality of life for all

To measure impact, members and quality of site s visits will give the figures

Solution tweet text

Collaborative platform on sustainability in architecture, design and urban planning. Friendly , open, free and easily accessible, with a relevant, user-friendly and interactive program to contribute to accelerate green transition.

Solution innovativeness

Existing information sites are always static and not very collaborative. Our platform is

different: same information but re-versioned in a dynamic way (without losing academic rigor)

in new multimedia formats, podcast, preview of trailer-type videos that summarize the project to

spread, suitable for new generations. Presented as 'thematic seasons', comprised of research papers, podcasts, and complementary seminars. Is a platform-congress of continuous, dynamic education, promoting networks and easier and broaded access to scientific information

As user, you would receive information just only over your interest (like suggested lists)

We do not know of something similar in the market in this area. A parallel with another item would be the streaming services, like Netflix or Spotify

Solution transferability

The entire platform is replicable in other contexts and communities. In addition, the format promotes

interaction between platforms, enhancing each other.

Solution sustainability

Always respecting the initial idea of ​​ knowledge free, platform will be supported

financially in various ways. In the first instance, through crowdfunding to

begin the necessary steps for its practical implementation. In the medium term, it will be

ifinanced fundamentally through  construction and sustainability companies s contribution for corporate social responsibility (CSR), applied for promotion and dissemination of knowledge

for low carbon construction. In addition, it can also be applied to scholarships from

development of government institutions or ministries, or funds or articulation plans

private public.

Solution team work

We have a good time working together, with the common ideal to make it easy to work for  a sustainable habitat

* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the DigiEduHack event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted provided that you acknowledge the source and the team which worked on the solution by using the team’s name indicated on the website.

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