Let’s L&T (Let’s Learn&Teach)

Let’s L&T (Let’s Learn&Teach)

Our challenge, your solutions

Augmented Reality in support of students in housing therapy

The solution consists of a  AR Web App based on cooperative learning, peer to peer and learning by doing. It allows a student at home and his classmates to build together useful resources, so that everyone can participate actively


Team: Hack_AR

Team members

Cardone Sara, D’Orazio Marilù, Mancini Serena; Colonna Fabrizio; De Candia Davide; Sgaramella Davide; Miglietta Paola, Toriello Francesca.

Members roles and background

Cardone Sara (Student)

D’Orazio Marilù (Student)

Mancini Serena (Student)

Colonna Fabrizio (Innovator)

De Candia Davide (Innovator)

Sgaramella Davide (Innovator)

Miglietta Paola (Teacher)

Toriello Francesca (Teacher)

Contact details

Solution description

The solution consists of a Web App, a valid resource from technological and educational point, based on
Augmented Reality, cooperative learning, peer to peer and learning by doing. Students will be motivated to
give their contributions to co-create an open-source product. In order to be finished, it will need the
contribution from all the group: students at school, guided by the teacher, start a product that needs of the
student’s at home for health problems contribution to be finished. Also student at home can work under
the teacher’s guide, using asynchronous and synchronous learning activities. It is expected that the final
result of these activities will include the acquisition and/or the enhancement of curricular knowledge and
European key competences for lifelong learning and in particular digital and social and civic competences,
matched with Digital Education Action Plan as well.
The success of the solution can be measured with the current evaluation tools:
-tools setting to measure learning in curricular Knowledge and digital competences;
-tools setting to measure soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, decision making,
initiative and self-direction;
-self-evaluation tools;
- satisfactory survey;
-expert reviews, think-aloud interviews, factor analysis.
The product will offer all the participants a valid tool to continue working and trying new solutions and will
give the possibility to share materials with all the interested subjects according to their own experience.

Solution context

Problem: A lot of students study at home or at the hospital for health problems.

Challenge: Our solution consists of a Web App that allows student at home and his classmates to build all together useful resources, so that everyone can participate actively, assure curricular success of all students and, in particular, the ones in housing therapy. As a consequence, their inclusion will be improved thanks to all the opportunities offered from the new technologies and in particular from Augmented Reality.

Solution target group

The target group for our solution involves both students at home and students in the classroom.

Solution impact

The impact is to be considered in the mid and long term since all the society will benefit from conscious and responsible students who will also become competent and expert in digital technologies.

Solution tweet text

The Web App designed by our team allows the students in housing therapy and their classmates at school to co-create learning materials, all school year long under the teacher’s guide. It’s a flexible resource, adaptable to the needs of the school class and of the student at home

Solution innovativeness

This solution matches: 

co-creation of learning material; open educational resources (OER); online delivery of content (MOOCs, e-learning modules, etc.); asynchronous online learning activities (e.g. discussion forums, wikis); synchronous online learning activities (e.g. real-time virtual classrooms/seminars); Digital assessment.

Solution transferability

It can be used in different subjects, for example History, Geography, Art, on Museal Education and other divulgation areas.

Solution sustainability

Our plan consists of a Web App designed for multi-platform use. This is a starting point, and we plan to add new features over time.

Solution team work

In this work, we worked a lot as a team, integrating the different skills, and coping continuously with solutions and future modifications of the project

Team members: Cardone Sara (Student), D’Orazio Marilù (Student), Mancini Serena (Student); Colonna Fabrizio (Innovator); De Candia Davide (Innovator); Sgaramella Davide (Innovator); Miglietta Paola (Teacher), Toriello Francesca (Teacher).

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