Life and Our Experience

Life and Our Experience

Our challenge, your solutions

We actually learn based on life and our experience.

The 21st century learning is one that is centered on how what we know or the information we get relates to our lives and environment and how this knowledge can be applied to be meaning.


Team: 3D

Team members

Alina Yankova, Lilia Blystiv, Natalia Ilnytska, Yulia Khomut, Magdalyna Masalova
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Solution description

The learner needs how to learn on their own way. It would help them to acknowledge their own understanding and be able to create something that is authentic and useful on their everyday life. 

The teacher is more like a designer of the learning environment, a presenter of information, facilitator of practice and it is up to them to produce.

The 21st century learning involves providing solutions to problems, critical thinking, creative thinking and reflective thinking. Effective learning is one that help us to think, innovate or create new ideas.

We have created ClassOneNote for our students, where we suggest the differentiated activities for them. It's based on their previos experience and include the new task which one helps them to reach the new level. 

We analyze the real problems for the local community and suggest our students to find the solution.

We mix activities with our curriculum in order to suit the system and the parents request.

Solution context

It's help us to define how to combine the traditional learning and innovation, how to create comfortable learning enviroments for everyone.

Solution target group

Educators, teachers.

Solution impact

We implement the solution into our curriculum and share the results via the social media.

Solution tweet text

The learning that can lead us to the ability to learn and is process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge. behaviors, skills, values.

Solution innovativeness

It's the new point of view on the well-known approach.

Solution transferability

This solution can be easily used in the different schools.

Solution sustainability

All is needed is to download ClassOneNote and communicate with every child in order to suggest him/her the activity.

Solution team work

The team was brought together by the organizers of the Hackathon.

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