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How Can Learning Be Made More  Engaging & Empowering For Modern-day Youth At The University?


Team: Ben, Boyd, Maurice, Nigel

Team members

Maurice Githaiti Ben Mbiyu Boyd Ndonga Mehdi Oulmakki

Members roles and background


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Solution description

A data collection & analysis platform, where educators can collaborate, add & use data to identify key problem areas and draw insights on how to effectively engage their students.

Solution context

What is the problem you are facing?

Universities are unable to keep up and adapt to the changing demands of the modern student

What is the challenge that you are solving?

This is due to lack of timely identification of outdated processes and structures in education and late creation of solutions

Solution target group

Who is the target group for your solution?

Institutions of learning

Who will this solution affect and how? How will they benefit?

Educators benefit from shared data and solutions on the students, which in turn allows them to customize the processes for a better experience for the students

Solution impact

Data and Knowledge sharing:

Raw data, problems statements and opinions would be shared with institutional and /or external stakeholders allowing for greater knowledge on matters affecting the students and the institution

Continuous Analysis:

Data collection is continuous, and on-going analysis will help make adaptive data-driven decisions.

This is also allows for development of algorithms that improve our understanding of the data and decision made around it


The platform would also allow for collaboration between lecturers, students and others, from different institutions. This promotes diverse and inclusive ideation and solution creation

Solution tweet text

A combined effort is needed for universities to keep up and adapt to the changing demands of students. LMF lets educators take advantage of tech to keep the modern youth engaged and empowered.

Solution innovativeness

What makes your solution different and original

Different institutions come up with different solutions to serve their students better. With varying results. Our platform allows these different institutions to progressively collect & combine data, and collaboratively create and share solutions to tackle modern education at a much higher level.

Can anything similar be found on the market?  How innovative is it?

None, as many institutions work independently and that the education sector is only just getting digitized.

Solution transferability

  • Data curated can be used by other institutions that interact with students & graduates eg Government bodies, NGOs, Employers
  • Data types collected can be modified to allow uses beyond students eg for Public Health activities, Customer service for other businesses

Solution sustainability

The solution would be packaged as a web based application, usable on desktop & mobile. It would allow realtime data collection, analysis, and communication and sharing amongst stakeholders with access.

It could be available to institutions on a Software as a Service(SaaS) basis to sustain itself, and progresively scale to provide data banking services in the future

Solution team work

The team work was great, and looking to take on on the next hackathonn, together

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