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Lock-hero. Giving new value to your exceeding food.

Be part of our valuable food exchangers community and take the economic and environmental advantages of reducing your food waste. The process of selling and buying exceeding food has never been as flexible as our virtual APP and our physical locker for the food storage.


Team: ArgoFood

Team members

Alberto Bertello, Canio Forliano, Mattia Franco.

Members roles and background

Alberto Bertello: Graduated in Marketing at University of Turin. 

Canio Forliano: Graduated in Accounting at University of Turin. 

Mattia Franco: Graduated in Business Administration at University of Turin.

Contact details

Solution description

We offer a C2C digital APP to create an exchange community for exceeding food in your workplace. The food exchange is physically made possible by a locker. If the food in the locker is about to expire, we are planning to make agreements with charities not to waste it. This solution aims at reducing food waste and promoting food behaviours more oriented towards sustainability and circularity. Our MVP will be launched in workplaces, so that educational learning can be leveraged not only at individual level, but also at firm level through CSR. 

Solution context

The pain point we are going to face is urban food waste. With our solution we want to make the process of exceeding food exchange affordable and flexible.

Solution target group

Busy people, living in urban areas, dynamic lifestyle, age 20-55, mainly LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). 

Solution impact

We reduce the wasted food while leveraging the sense of community. We can measure the resources saved in terms of water, energy, CO2 emissions and money on the basis of the amount of food exchanged. We communicate through a community tab in our APP the sustainability impact of our initiative at individual level while the sustainability impact of the initiative at firm level will be communicated by companies through CSR strategies. Moreover, the food which is about to expire will be donated to charity institutions. 

Solution tweet text

Be part of our valuable food heroes community and take the economic and environmental advantages of reducing your food waste. The process of selling and buying exceeding food has never been as flexible as our virtual APP and our lock-hero for the food storage.

Solution innovativeness

This is the first C2C solution in Italy which allows private citizens to exchange exceeding food in their workplace leveraging both online and offsite knoweldge sharing. 

Solution transferability

We want to launch our MVP in workplaces, we then want to expand to other public places where the sense of community is higher (such as gyms, libraries, etc.). We want also move from food to other kind of products to exchange.

Solution sustainability

Considered the social issues behind our idea, we want to involve institutions as partners as soon as possible. We also want to make profit through dynamic advertising (e.g. promoting institutions’ public initiatives and product/service advertising). We also apply fees to each transaction.

Solution team work

Our team is composed by three people. Two of them have a managerial background, the other one a marketing background. Based on our business model, the next people to involve in our team will be an IT developer and a food scientist. 

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