Lure Project

Lure Project

Our challenge, your solutions

The game increase the number of students who pass quizzes

Increases engagement and interest in surveys, allows you to create a more complete and realistic picture creates a feedback loop.


Team: Lure

Team members

Василевская Анна Рой Владислав Романова Александра Ишутина Екатерина Сайферт Жастина

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Solution description

Game environment for questioning

 Increases engagement and interest in surveys,  allows you to create a more complete and realistic picturecreates a feedback loop.

Success is measured quantitatively – the number of students completing the questionnaire and qualitatively in a more understandable and manageable learning process.

Solution context

We have ploblems with  taking high-quality feedback:

Extremely low interest of students in the survey

Formal approach of students to answers to questions of questionnaires - as a result low relevancy

We are solving that :

-to increase the involvement of students in the survey

 to make answering more fast, real, sincere

Solution target group

The target group is students. Implementation of this solution will affect faculty, staff, and administrative resources. It will show weaknesses and overdue changes, and push to them.

Solution impact

Quantitative – number of completed questionnaires.

Qualitative changes will occur in the educational process and at the University as a whole, with proper consideration of feedback.

Solution tweet text

Result is a Questioning game for taking feedback from student. Exciting shell, different levels, earning points, exchange points for real benefits. organization of multiple entry points, bindings via Qr-codes, on-line University courses, etc.

Solution innovativeness

complex use of different means to maintain and increase motivation

Solution transferability

Can be used by other departments of the University, and in the future by other universities

Solution sustainability

Development of the game, the complexity of the levels. Involvement of various structures of the University. Differentiated analysis and creation of course ratings, etc.

Solution team work

Team  is great/ worked as one.

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