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Gamification of chemical reactions

we are working on the gamification of chemistry.  We will create a friendly, comfortable and informative environment for childrens to learn.  we animate chemical elements, make their characters unique and based on their chemical properties so that children will easily remember them. 


Team: medea

Team members

Levan Kodua and Tedo Gakharia

Members roles and background

Levan kodua- 2D/3D designer and animator with 3 years of working experience

Tedo Gakharia- game developer with 3 years of working experience 

Contact details

+995 571 075 860,,

Solution description

 We want to turn the learning process into a video game. Currently, we are working on the gamification of chemistry and you may wonder, what's so special about this? I'll answer. With our concept, students won't be left face to face with complex and incomprehensible material. We will create a friendly, comfortable and informative environment for them to learn. How can we achieve this goal? Here is, for  instance, one trick we use - we animate chemical elements, make their characters unique, amusing and charming based on their chemical properties so that children will easily remember them. Let me show you some of them what a lovely guys, aren't they?  

How we plan to make money on our idea? Mostly, we will get it from advertising, which is common for the video games industry, there will also be some in-game content which users can purchase in order to support us as well. We also think about collaborations with educational institutions and similar to us projects. Last, we have designed some interactive learning toys, which can be sold after the main idea will be in demand and we believe it will because children all over the world have difficulties with studying and seek help. 

To sum up, we offer something that can instill in children an interest in learning, can become an alternative way to acquire knowledge, and all we need is support at the initial stage. 

Solution context

The problem I want to discuss may not be common for most of us, however, it exists and needs to be resolved. I'm talking about educational issues, more precisely, about situations when children don't get enough assistance and attention in learning and as a result, they lost interest in it. This happens for various reasons, for example, there are too many students in the class, and the teacher isn't able to interact with all of them, the problem may also be in a teacher, who can't explain the topic in a clear way, some children learn in really poor conditions or don't even have a potential to go to school. This list can go on and on, but it's time to talk about the solution.  

Solution target group

Our application will be free, and its average user can be described as an individual, who is still learning, approximately 9 to 16 years old, has at least one digital device, and rather spends his or her time online, surfing the web or playing video games, than studying. 

Solution impact

With our concept, we offer children to do what they want and enjoy - play video games, but during this process, they will learn chemistry intuitively and remember it for longer periods.  

We also animate chemical elements, make their personalities bright and amusing, to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for learning. 

Solution tweet text

Gamification of chemical reactions in order to simplify their comprehension.

Solution innovativeness

With our concept, we offer children to do what they want and enjoy - play video games, but during this process, they will learn chemistry intuitively and remember it for longer periods.  

We also animate chemical elements, make their personalities bright and amusing, to create friendly and comfortable atmosphere for learning. 

Solution transferability

A significant part of our revenue will be advertising. 
Nevertheless, there will be in-game content, which users can purchase, in order to support us. 
Yet, in the future, we plan to collaborate with similar to us companies and produce for sale Medea brand interactive toys. 

Solution sustainability

The idea of turning chemistry into a game came to one of the developers during the lesson. His teacher did almost the same and as a result, students easily understood the subject. Following, he decided to modify this approach and after several years the Medea team is ready to realize it.

Solution team work

our team is contains well organize and experienced in animation and game development industry. we previusly work on educational games for childrens and they are very popular among childrens with 5 million downloads on play store. and cartoon that we made had 20 milon view per video on youtube.

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