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MediCall connects seniors with the online world of telemedicine

Not knowing your way around the internet should not be a barrier for getting a successful , pleasant visit with your medical specialist from the comfort of your home. MediCall enables medical students to navigate seniors through all the unclear steps of making and taking part in an appointment.


Team: MediCall

Team members

Katarzyna Podhorodecka, Mateusz Wyszatycki, Krzysztof Łoń, Rafał Zimoch.

Members roles and background

Katarzyna Podhorodecka - Leader of the group. Currently Medical Student and a technology enthusiast. Besides being a Student I’m working as a Business Development Manager in one of the telemedicine platforms. 

Mateusz Wyszatycki - Medical Student, Kitchen Assistant in vegan restaurant in Olsztyn. Self-proclaimed philosopher, medical communication passionist, future psychiatrist. 

Krzysztof Łoń - Medical Student, geek.

Rafał Zimoch - Working in the Digitalisation department in a large production company as a project manager and digital transformer. Previously I have experienced working in 2 digital startups, one of them a Telemedic platform. A great enthusiast of new technologies.

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Solution description

Our final service will help everyone, who doesn't feel confident enough to navigate through a digital world of telemedicine. Medical students will lend a hand to seniors trying to use telemedicine platforms. 

MediCall is a service based on IT solutions connected through API to telemedicine platforms.Its is available for seniors via simple phone call.

MediCall will create accounts, make appointments and reduce the workload put on doctors in the current system, by enabling medical students to collect basic information and medical history prior to the actual meeting with a medical specialist. The success of our solution could be measured with polls indicating more frequent use of telemedicine by elderly and average higher satisfaction associated with it. Students’ service, on the other hand, should be subjected to simple evaluation. The latter would be based on a simple feedback gathering tool such as a star rating system.
MediCall will act as a middleman for challenge owners, increasing the number of seniors using their service and enhancing their overall experience. We will create a service  based on IT solutions which, thanks to the API, could be implemented to every telemedicine platform.  This service will allow medical students to connect with seniors, so the interface must be very intuitive. Firstly, a person, who doesn't feel comfortable using the internet and telemedicine, will register for a visit with a student.  Then, magic starts to happen. Seniors, with the help of young and tech-savvy assistants, will no longer feel lonely. Secondly, they can prepare themselves for the actual visit. Due to the stress accompanying visits, a lot of people forget what medications they take.  Sometimes they forget what they wanted to achieve scheduling this visit in the first place. This is why our preliminary interview gives them more time to prepare for the actual consultation with a professional. There are also a lot of benefits for students. Nowadays, because of the covid 19 pandemic, medical students have only the online classes, which makes them unable to improve their practical skills, for example conducting a medical interview. After the consultation, a student will create a form containing a summary of this call - medications taken by a patient, chronic diseases, purpose of the visit with a healthcare professional etc. For the latter, MediCall is a great asset as, thanks to the preliminary interviews, it prevents them from wasting time on asking their patients a lot of basic questions. They can focus on specialized questions that weren’t asked by the student. Moreover, they can open themselves for a bigger target group which was unreachable until now. Students should be provided with a brief training in communication that will allow them to support seniors in frequently overwhelming feelings associated with digital approach. This would also help to ensure the confidentiality of personal data so that everything will be legal and reliable as possible. If necessary, seniors, who have big anxiety and technical problems, can be accompanied by students for the whole time of their medical service, as Grandchildren help their grandparents on GP visits. Our solution could be easily implemented not only in telemedicine, but also banking, public service, and medical training. To motivate students to become guides for elderlies, we intend to remunerate them for every service they provide. The cost of this fee should be covered by the medical service provider. This allows companies to have a lot of of workforce for such a solution. We believe that our product can really change the telemedicine sector.

Solution context

With our MediCall tool we are trying to solve two big problems. First of all, a lot of seniors are facing the problem of loneliness, especially now during the pandemic. Secondly, there is an enormous challenge in access to healthcare. There are a lot of telemedicine tools, but they are not adapted to seniors’ capabilities. Furthermore during the pandemic, medical students don’t have a chance to work with patients in clinics, because of safety reasons. This will provide an opportunity for students to work on their social and medical skills. Also, medical students as future medical professionals will have the  chance to hear about diseases from patients - the best source of clinical outset.

Solution target group

Our target group is basically every person, especially every old person, that is unable to pass through the process of registration to the healthcare professional online.

Solution impact

The biggest impact of our solution will be increasing the access to the health care professionals. However, another aspect of our project, which is reducing the feeling of loneliness and decreasing digital illiteracy, cannot be forgotten

Solution tweet text

Seniors helped us find our way in the world, but the world has changed so fast they need our guidance now. MediCall - the ultimate guide to the digital medical world.

Solution innovativeness

Right now there are a lot of telemedicine pages and there are a lot of communicator apps, but none of them are combining two things - adapted, intuitive interface of the communicator service and a medical student on the other side of the screen, helping with the process of registration by collecting a preliminary interview. Both senior and telemedicine platforms could benefit from our solution

Solution transferability

That is the beauty of our project. It can also be implemented in other sectors. For example in creating a bank account or in shopping online. It will provide all the help a senior may need online.

Solution sustainability

Our plan is to contact telemedicine platforms and present them our project. Secondly, we should contact medical universities to recruit medical students that are interested in broadening their skills in taking the medical interview and also making some money. Then, the last part would be trying to reach out to as many seniors as possible.

Solution team work

On a day to day basis, we are working together during our classes. Three of us are studying together at Collegium Medicum in Olsztyn and we managed to survive together until the fifth year so I think that collaboration is going really well. Outside the university and work, the four of us are really good friends so definitely we could continue to work as a team in the future. We all came up with ideas and ways to improve our MediCall solution. We plan to continue doing so.  

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