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Covering Distances

The act of "menare", that is, of leading. In particular, the leading of the sheeps, an expression still used today in the dialects of Abruzzo, Lazio and Puglia, and used officially, from the Aragonese era until the Napoleonic age, to indicate transhumance.

Team members
Federica Maraucci, Laura Rita de Geglielmo, Fedrico Frari, Caterina Bianca Maggio
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Solution description

Our solution proposes to modernize and give new value to the transhumance paths by presenting in a new, digitalized way, an ancient activity typical of some rural areas’ goats herders.

To give new value as to tell their, as well as our, history by following their steps and their travels.

An all round experience trying to give new life to an almost gone reality in which every step and every stone is telling its own story.

To modernize as to digitalize and to data-ize those paths so that every final user can have his own path dynamically generated and properly personalized based on his position and preferences in order to re-discover a whole lot of historically and culturally relevant points of interest and hamlets.

The final service will provide two ways to enhance digital education:

  • Chances to observe the evolution (or should we say de-evolution) of some of the relevant points of interest through augmented reality;
  • “Adopt your own lamb!”, a cute and funny way to provide resources to an almost lost semi-nomadic worker, i.e. the goat herder, and his history. And don’t worry, we’ll send you pics of your lamb as it grows up!

The entire project will be developed and managed totally preserving the environment.

Solution context


What is the problem you are facing?

What is the challenge that you are solving?

The problem we are facing is dual:

  • people don’t know our country’s history and our rural heritage’s value;
  • There doesn’t exist a network linking local enterprises.

Our challenge is to link and guide people interested in exploring and re-discovering of our territory.

Solution target group


  • Persona1, parent:

       Marco is 45. He is an employee married with Marta, a 33 years old teacher

       with whom he had two children, Rita (6 years old) and Giacomo (8 years old).

       Marco spends his day at work and his only hobby is playing videogames.

       Sunday is the only day spent entirely with his family.

       Our solution will affect him by bringing him together with his children and making them re-discover their cultural roots in a creative,                    educational way.

  • Persona2, girl:

       Caterina is a 22 years old student. She spends entire days between studying, social networks, and gym. During the weekend she goes            out with her friends and has some small trips out of town.

       Our solution will affect her by sharing with her friends moments of fun by attending local events and re-discovering almost lost traditions.


Business target of our solution is the “masseria” a peculiar kind of farm, deeply bound with territorial and cultural identity.

We’ll reach our targets through a properly sponsored website, social networks (local influencer) and infopoints.

Solution impact

The impact of our solution is the re-discovering of our territory by giving new life to culturally relevant hamlets and incentivizing the opening of new enterprises close those historically relevant paths called the “transhumance paths”. The success of such initiative will be clear with the increase in number of the stakeholders.

Solution tweet text

Don’t leave your homeland! Believe in it! Join us! #Mena #Traditions #AdoptYourLamb

Solution innovativeness

By digitalizing and data-izing local archives and maps (i.e. geospatial data elaboration) our solution will provide “personalized” transhumance paths that will drive the final user from their current position to their preferred destination.

Solution transferability

Our solution will be translated to other contexts by cutting out locally peculiar features of the core software and by adapting them the new areas of interest (e.g. transhumance paths across different European countries).

Solution sustainability

The starting costs will regard marketing and software development. The revenues to sustain such costs will be provided by seasonal events, agreements with local enterprises, ”Adopt your own lamb!”, and, last but not the least, augmented reality to include a younger and smarter turism to the core target.

Solution team work

The team is made of 5 members. Even tough including only two disciplines, every member is focused on different aspects of his own discipline, thus creating synergies in the teamwork.

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