Our challenge, your solutions

To develop competencies to introduce students in the work field.

This project is about  how would be a S2S teaching-learning process after 2 years of covid pandemic started. For which we propose that university students with work experience can provide their field knowledge to students.


Team: CIRK

Team members

Anco Gutierrez, Carlos Augusto- Bobadilla Panta Indra Dinory Fernanda- Chambe Lupaca, Rodrigo Elí- Tenorio Felices, Kevin Wilver- Villanes Borja, Shirley Vanessa

Members roles and background

    1. Rodrigo

      - Interface design

      - Team management

      - Design Thinking Facilitator

      Business Management Engineer in the tenth cycle of the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). Currently, Product Owner at Divelia, a software development ,and innovation agency.


      -App design

      -Video edition

      -Audio Editing

      Professional graphic design student in the 11th cycle of the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). I have experience in digital illustration work, editing, pre and post-production of videos and brand identity design.


      - Definition of the business model

      - Support for the creation of audiovisual content

      - Design Thinking development

      Second cycle student of Economics and International Business at the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN).


      - Report editing.

      - Information search.

      - Support in the development of Design Thinking.

      A current civil engineering student of the first cycle at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC).


                 Senior IT Professional, MBA, Master in Information Technology Management, PMP, ITIL Foundation certified, Agile Scrum Master                   with professional experience in local and multinational companies, with exposure and reporting to company headquarters. An                        expert in services business (emphasis on Education and IT Outsourcing), with consistent value delivering through innovation,                          service delivery, and IT project management, international and multicultural.

Contact details

Solution description

Our final product is an app platform, which will solve problems that affect students during the university education process. These problems are low work field-oriented teaching-learning process as part of the educational quality, which brings lack of student motivation facing the high competitiveness in the working market. In the first place, it is proposed that students with work experience share their knowledge through short videos (microvideos). These videos will explain how their knowledge acquired through the courses is applied in their jobs, in addition, what outside training helped them to work in a specific business area like Digital Marketing, Mining, IT, Data, etc.. The indicators that will relate our solution to the problem will be the number of students motivated to achieve their professional goals; Likewise, the number of students with effective communication skills, talent development, autonomy and influence and negotiation will be quantified. To achieve this, the micro videos will be the instrument that motivates students to focus on their desired professional areas and achieve the correct learning paths.

Solution context

Unlike the rest of the world, in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador and in whole Latin-American, education was stagnated back in March 2020. After that day, the quality of education ended up being crumble to the ground and we saw that from different perspectives, one of them, the college students. 18% of them had to dropout their studies, 51.4% had the idea to drop down college, all of this because 93.2% of the students perceive the academic weight has increase unnecessarily. This shows the multiple virtual education deficiencies in all the 51 colleges that Peru can provide.

After almost two years of confinement, we have learned multiple tools for the professional development of each one, but these instruments do not cover all that one needs to know, that is why MicroU will be a platform that will provide you with what you need, such as, for example, the experience of a student who is already working and who can share what he has learned to be able to perform in his field of work.

Solution target group

  • Undergraduate college students who want to accelerate their professional learning.
  • College students with professional experience who want to share their knowledge.

Solution impact

We look for to progressively improve the low educational quality focused on introducing students to multiple and up-to-date fields of work, since the presence of universities does not reach a scalable model; therefore, it is not feasible. In this way we will integrate virtuality into the future of education and campuses

Solution tweet text

This project is about how would be a S2S teaching-learning process after 2 years of covid pandemic started. For which we propose that university students with work experience can provide their field knowledge to students.

Solution innovativeness

This idea is innovative due to the use of the S2S methodology. This is the high importance so that universities do not only become learning-teaching centers, but rather collaboration centers for students and society.

Solution transferability

This idea can be implemented in any university in Peru, since it does not interfere with their existing processes. It is only necessary to encourage the students with professional experience to create the videos collaboratively.

Solution sustainability

MicroU is a sustainable idea over time thanks to the autonomous construction provided by content creators motivated by rewards that would benefit their education, which could result in scholarships, extra academic credits, or volunteer hours.

Solution team work

The teamwork focused on meeting the needs of the students after a 2-year pandemic. Therefore, it was a work where research with academic sources prevailed to immerse ourselves in the ecosystem with the perspective of different stakeholders. We then proceeded to devise and prototype a solution in which we honed our design and layout skills. It was really a pleasant experience where we were able to develop different leadership competencies.

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