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Solving the lack of professionals with a vocation

All of us have heard from people that changed careers in third, fifth, or even higher semesters.

Some of our closest friends have changed careers, and a few other ones cannot afford to even tho they despise what they are studying.

52% of students chose their career for vocation


Team: MIPE

Team members

Juan Pablo Garcia Malta, Patricio Javier Pérez Fajardo, Leonardo Millán Velázquez

Members roles and background

Juan Pablo- Computer science



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Solution description

Creation of courses designed to make selecting a career and being happy with that decision an easy process, as a part of our solution we intend to implement both in-person and online courses to create a program that is able to not only let them know what different career paths do but also help them make a decision they will be happy with. 

To make this possible we intend to give them courses at middle and high school to wake up their curiosity and give them the proper information when they still have time. The first course will be in-person and we will let them make practices and activities propper to each career, then to complete their view on the paths we will create an online courses platform that provides activities and more in-depth information. As well as some recommendations to get into the right path

Solution context

  1. During our university life we have come across people who have made undergraduate decisions hastily or out of ignorance, a consequence of which is dropping out of studies or lack of motivation during the career (causing poor grades and poor academic performance). We take into account that scholarships and other educational supports start from high school, for which several, not having motivation, do not take this part into account and leave everything until the end of their studies in high school or simply never give it the importance that has to. In Mexico, 2 out of every 3 people work from something they did not study, and only every 8 out of 100 finish university, and the idea of giving a type of orientation from junior high and high school arose, in a more practical way towards students.

Solution target group

Middle and high school students who are not sure of what to study

Solution impact

2 out of 3 students in Mexico work on something different from what they studied. 

Around 540 students per school

Solution tweet text

Our courses help students to learn and get interested in new careers by showing them activities and results done in those fields and giving them support and extra activities online.

Solution innovativeness

  •  Unlike sites like Udemy or Coursera, we will offer in-person activities and our classes will be made with our objectives in mind to provide a better retention rate and the creation and more personalized experiences

Solution transferability

Our solution can be implemented not only in schools but also in parents who are interested in the future of their kids.

Solution sustainability

Our project will be sustainable since the development of the platform and the videos would not involve high expenses, the main thing being the development of augmented reality within the platform and it would not be spent on physical things, since this would be totally digital.

Solution team work

Everyone in the team came up with at least one part of the solution and divided work according to our competences.

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